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Thu Aug 19 2010

FYI: NSF Requests Advice on Priorities For the Future

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        1.    Bill Badecker, NSF Requests Advice on Priorities For the Future

Message 1: NSF Requests Advice on Priorities For the Future
Date: 18-Aug-2010
From: Bill Badecker <>
Subject: NSF Requests Advice on Priorities For the Future
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The assistant director of the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences(SBE) directorate of the National Science Foundation has issued a requestfor advice in shaping NSF’s priorities for the future. As you probablyknow, SBE includes the Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences, towhich the NSF Linguistics Program belongs. The initial parts of theassistant director’s letter are appended to this posting; the complete textof his letter can be found at the URL:

Individuals and groups who wish to suggest ideas to SBE should do so atthis web site, following the instructions there:

Joan Maling and Bill BadeckerLinguistics Program DirectorsBehavioral and Cognitive SciencesNational Science Foundation

Dear Colleague Letter for SBE 2020: Future Research in the Social,Behavioral & Economic Sciences

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the social, behavioral,and economic sciences face extraordinary opportunities to addressnext-generation research challenges. The landscape is vast and complex,stretching across temporal and spatial dimensions and multiple levels ofanalysis -- from studying the human brain to implications of decisionmaking in a dynamic and fragmented yet interconnected world. As we lookforward 10 or even 20 years, the Directorate for the Social, Behavioral,and Economic Sciences of the National Science Foundation (NSF/SBE) seeks toframe innovative research for the year 2020 and beyond that enhancesfundamental knowledge and benefits society in many ways.

This request is part of a process that will help NSF/SBE make plans tosupport future research. Other activities will include a report by theDirectorate’s Advisory Committee about the grand challenges facing the SBEsciences over the next decade and recommendations from the Directorate’sstaff. The insights resulting from this process are threefold: They willinform the substance of future research, the capacities to pursue thatresearch, and the infrastructure to enable investigations that will beincreasingly interdisciplinary and international and will involve multipleperspectives and intellectual frameworks, differing scales and contexts,and diverse approaches and methodologies.

As a first step in engaging its community, NSF/SBE invites individuals andgroups to contribute whitepapers outlining grand challenge questions thatare both foundational and transformative. They are foundational in thesense that they reflect deep issues that engage fundamental assumptionsbehind disciplinary research traditions and are transformative because theyseek to leverage current findings to unlock a new cycle of research. Weexpect these white papers to advance SBE’s mission to study humancharacteristics and human behaviors in its Social and Economic Sciences andBehavioral and Cognitive Sciences divisions, as well as to be the nation’sresource for understanding the structure and development of science throughits Science Resources Statistics division. …

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