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        1.    Julia Ulrich, The Trobriand Islanders' Ways of Speaking: Senft

Message 1: The Trobriand Islanders' Ways of Speaking: Senft
Date: 18-Aug-2010
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: The Trobriand Islanders' Ways of Speaking: Senft
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Title: The Trobriand Islanders' Ways of Speaking Series Title: Trends in Linguistics. Documentation [TiLDOC] 27 Published: 2010 Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

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Author: Gunter Senft Electronic: ISBN: 9783110227994 Pages: 327 Price: Europe EURO 129.95
Hardback: ISBN: 9783110227987 Pages: 327 Price: Europe EURO 129.95

Bronislaw Maliniowski claimed in his monograph "Argonauts of the WesternPacific" that to approach the goal of ethnographic field-work, requires a"collection of ethnographic statements, characteristic narratives, typicalutterances, items of folk-lore and magical formulae ... as a "corpusinscriptionum", as documents of native mentality".

This book finally meets Malinowski's demand. Based on more than 40 monthsof field research the author presents, documents and illustrates theTrobriand Islanders' own indigenous typology of text categories or genres,covering the spectrum from ditties children chant while spinning a top, togossip, songs, tales, and myths. The typology is based on Kilivilametalinguistic terms for these genres, and considers the relationship theyhave with registers or varieties which are also metalinguisticallydistinguished by the native speakers of this language.

Rooted in the 'ethnography of speaking' paradigm and in the'anthropological linguistics/linguistic anthropology' approach, the bookhighlights the relevance of genres for researching the role of language,culture and cognition in social interaction, and demonstrates theimportance of understanding genres for achieving linguistic and culturalcompetence.

In addition to the data presented in the book, its readers have theopportunity to access the original audio- and video-data presented via theinternet on a special website, which mirrors the structure of the book.Thus, the reader can check the transcriptions against the original datarecordings. This makes the volume particularly valuable for teachingpurposes in (general, Austronesian/ Oceanic, documentary, andanthropological) linguistics and ethnology.

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics                             Typology                             Applied Linguistics                             Language and Social Interaction
Subject Language(s): Kilivila (kij)
Written In: English (eng )

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