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TOC: Journal of Pragmatics 42/11 (2010)

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        1.    Christopher Tancock, Journal of Pragmatics Vol. 42, No. 11 (2010)

Message 1: Journal of Pragmatics Vol. 42, No. 11 (2010)
Date: 24-Aug-2010
From: Christopher Tancock <>
Subject: Journal of Pragmatics Vol. 42, No. 11 (2010)
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Publisher: Elsevier Ltd

Journal Title: Journal of Pragmatics Volume Number: 42 Issue Number: 11 Issue Date: 2010

Subtitle: Pragmemes

Main Text:

1. IntroductionPages 2861-2869Alessandro Capone

2. Speech act pluralism, minimal content and pragmemesPages 2870-2881Michel Seymour

3. Reference and the pragmemePages 2882-2888Jacob L. Mey

4. Situation-bound utterances as pragmatic actsPages 2889-2897Istvan Kecskes

5. Situated temporal reference: A case for compositional pragmatics?Pages 2898-2909K.M. Jaszczolt

6. Context and communication: A defense of intentionalismPages 2910-2918Martin Montminy

7. Referring as a pragmatic actPages 2919-2931Keith Allan

8. The “triple articulation” of languagePages 2932-2944Jock Wong

9. Evaluation as a pragmatic act in Spanish film narrativesPages 2945-2963Sarah E. Blackwell

10. Barack Obama's South Carolina speechPages 2964-2977Alessandro Capone

Regular Papers

11. Cross-linguistic differences in talking about scenesPages 2978-2991Nitya Sethuraman, Linda B. Smith

12. Intra-lingual pragmatic variation in Mexico City and San José, Costa Rica: Afocus on regional differences in female requestsPages 2992-3011J. César Félix-Brasdefer

13. Bilingual practices and the social organisation of video gaming activitiesPages 3012-3030Arja Piirainen-Marsh

14. The fuzzy logic of socialised attitudes in Liangshan NuosuPages 3031-3046Matthias Gerner

15. Identity and language choice: ‘We equals I’Pages 3047-3054Busayo Ige

16. A high boundary tone as a resource for a social action: The Koreansentence-ender –taPages 3055-3077Hye Ri Stephanie Kim

17. Accessibility vs. physical proximity: An analysis of exophoric demonstrativepractice in Spoken Jordanian ArabicPages 3078-3097Samir Omar Jarbou

18. Prosodic stress on a word directs 24-month-olds’ attention to a contextuallynew referentPages 3098-3105Susanne Grassmann, Michael Tomasello

19. Visual check back in children with Specific Language ImpairmentPages 3106-3113Päivikki Aarne, Ing-Mari Tallberg

20. The organization of assessments produced by children and adults in taskbased talkPages 3114-3129Anna Filipi, Roger Wales

21. Effects of input modality on speech–gesture integrationPages 3130-3137Fey Parrill, Jennifer Bullen, Huston Hoburg

22. Extra! Extra! Semantics in comics!: The conceptual structure of ChicagoTribune advertisementsPages 3138-3146Neil Cohn

23. Quoting the unspoken: An analysis of quotations in spoken discoursePages 3147-3160Jessie Sams


24. Corrigendum to “A cross-linguistic study of self-repair: Evidence fromEnglish, German, and Hebrew” [J. Pragmatics 42 (2010) 2487–2505]Page 3161Barbara A. Fox, Yael Maschler, Susanne Uhmann

25. Erratum to “Cross-cultural and situational variation in requestingbehaviour: Perceptions of social situations and strategic usage of requestpatterns” [J. Pragmatics 42 (2010) 2262–2281]Page 3162Maria Economidou-Kogetsidis

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