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Books: Ling Theories/Syntax: Camacho, Gutiérrez-Bravo, Sánchez (Eds)

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        1.    Julia Ulrich, Cover Information Structure in Indigenous Languages of the Americas: Camacho, Gutiérrez-Bravo, Sánchez (Eds)

Message 1: Cover Information Structure in Indigenous Languages of the Americas: Camacho, Gutiérrez-Bravo, Sánchez (Eds)
Date: 18-Aug-2010
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: Cover Information Structure in Indigenous Languages of the Americas: Camacho, Gutiérrez-Bravo, Sánchez (Eds)
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Title: Cover Information Structure in Indigenous Languages of the
Americas Subtitle: Syntactic Approaches Series Title: Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM] 225 Published: 2010 Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

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Editor: José A. Camacho Editor: Rodrigo Gutiérrez-Bravo Editor: Liliana E. Sánchez Electronic: ISBN: 9783110228533 Pages: 217 Price: Europe EURO 89.95
Hardback: ISBN: 9783110228526 Pages: 217 Price: Europe EURO 89.95

The study of the interaction between syntax and information structure hasattracted a great deal of attention since the publication of foundationalworks on this subject such as Enric Vallduví's (1992) "The InformationalComponent" and Knud Lambrecht's (1994) "Information Structure and SentenceForm". The book inserts itself in this contemporary interest by providing acollection of articles on different aspects of the syntax-pragmaticsinterface in the indigenous languages of The Americas.

The first chapter provides a brief introduction of the some of the basicdescriptive issues addressed in them, and of some of the theoretical toolsthat have been developed to analyze them. The reader finds articles thatfocus mostly on empirical issues, while others are mostly oriented totheoretical issues. Diverse theoretical approaches are addressed, includingMinimalism, Optimality-theoretic syntax, and Meaning-Text Theory.

The volume includes articles on the following topics: the grammatical meansto encode pragmatic notions in Tariana (A. Aikhenvald); the relationbetween clause structure and information structure in Lushootseed (D.Beck); the split distribution of null subjects in Shipibo (J. Camacho andJ. Elías-Ulloa); the syntactic structure of left-peripheraldiscourse-related functions in Kuikuro (B. Franchetto and M. Santos), anagglutinative and head final language; word order and focus patterns inYaqui (L. Guerrero and V. Belloro); SVO and topicalization in Yucatec Maya(R. Gutiérrez-Bravo and J. Monforte); the structure of the left-peripheryin Karaja (Maia) and the interaction between the wh-words and polaritysensitivity in Southern Quechua (L. Sánchez).

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax                             Generative Linguistics                             Linguistic Theories
Subject Language(s): Karadjeri (gbd)                             Itza' (itz)                             Lushootseed (lut)                             Quechua, Southern Conchucos Ancash (qxo)                             Shipibo-Conibo (shp)                             Yaqui (yaq) Areal Regions: Native American
Written In: English (eng )

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