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Wed Aug 25 2010

FYI: New Benjamins Journal: Language and Dialogue

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        1.    Paul Peranteau, New Benjamins Journal: Language and Dialogue

Message 1: New Benjamins Journal: Language and Dialogue
Date: 23-Aug-2010
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: New Benjamins Journal: Language and Dialogue
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Forthcoming in 2011!

Language and DialogueEditor-in-Chief: Edda Weigand, University of Münster

Associate Editors:François Cooren, University of MontrealAnita Fetzer, University of WürzburgWolfgang Teubert, University of Birmingham

Review Editor: Marion Grein, University of Mainz

ISSN: 2210-4119E-ISSN: 2210-4127

In our post-Cartesian times human abilities are regarded as integrated andinteracting abilities. Speaking, thinking, perceiving, having emotions needto be studied in interaction. Integration and interaction take place indialogue. Scholars are called upon to go beyond reductive methods ofabstraction and division and to take up the challenge of coming to termswith the complex whole. The conclusions drawn from reasoning about humanbehaviour in the humanities and social sciences have finally been proven byexperiments in the natural sciences, especially neurology and sociobiology.What happens in the black box, can now, at least in part, be made visible.

Language and Dialogue intends to be an explicitly interdisciplinary journalreaching out to any discipline dealing with human abilities on the basis ofconsilience or the unity of knowledge. It is the challenge ofpost-Cartesian science to tackle the issue of how body, mind and languageare interconnected and dialogically put to action. Language and Dialogueinvites papers which deal with ‘language and dialogue’ in this sense indifferent languages and cultures and in different areas: everyday,institutional and literary, in theory and in practice, in business, incourt, in the media, in politics and academia. In particular the humanitiesand social sciences are addressed: linguistics, literary studies,pragmatics, dialogue analysis, communication and cultural studies, appliedlinguistics, business studies, media studies, studies of language and thelaw, philosophy, psychology, cognitive sciences, sociology, anthropologyand others.

All inquiries and proposals should be sent to the Editor>

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics

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