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Mon Oct 04 2010

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        1.    Glenn Martinez, International Journal of the Sociology of Language

Message 1: International Journal of the Sociology of Language
Date: 02-Oct-2010
From: Glenn Martinez <>
Subject: International Journal of the Sociology of Language
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Full Title: International Journal of the Sociology of Language

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; Sociolinguistics

Call Deadline: 30-Oct-2010

Please note: The original message is found at This modified issue containsadditional information regarding abstract submission.

Borders and Language: International PerspectivesA Thematic Issue of the International Journal of the Sociology of Language.

As globalization continues to impact ways of knowing, ways of being, andways of speaking around the world, the contribution of border-orientedscholarship will move from the margins of social and humanistic inquiry to thecenter of disciplinary inquiry and engagement (cf. Mignolo 2000). Border-oriented sociolinguistics is no exception in this impending conceptual shift.Following Omoniyi, border sociolinguistics has been characterized as a studyof language in society that foregrounds spatial adjacency between two ormore polities and that highlights the communicative dynamics of thepopulations that inhabit these polities. Border sociolinguistics may thus becharacterized as an intentional transcendence of bounded speechcommunities and a heightened awareness of the effects of boundaries andborderlessness on language practices and language ideologies. The purposeof this thematic issue of The International Journal of the Sociology ofLanguage is to highlight the salient role of border sociolinguistic research inthe understanding of the impact of globalization on the languages andcommunicative practices of the world.

We are seeking abstracts of papers dealing with any topic related to languageand borders. We are particularly interested in works dealing with borders inEastern Europe and/or India. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words.Please send your abstract to Dr. Glenn Martinez, Issue Editor The deadline for abstractsubmissions is October 30, 2010. Authors will be notified if their abstractshave been accepted no later than December 1, 2010. If the abstract isaccepted, complete manuscripts will be requested by March 1, 2011.

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