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TOC: Lingua 120/12 (2010)

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        1.    Christopher Tancock, Lingua Vol 120, No 12 (2010)

Message 1: Lingua Vol 120, No 12 (2010)
Date: 07-Oct-2010
From: Christopher Tancock <>
Subject: Lingua Vol 120, No 12 (2010)
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Publisher: Elsevier Ltd

Journal Title: Lingua Volume Number: 120 Issue Number: 12 Issue Date: 2010

Subtitle: The Myth of Language Universals

Main Text:


1 Editorial introduction to the special issue of Lingua on Evans & Levinson's“The myth of language universals”Pages 2651-2656The Editor's of Lingua


2 Nihilism masquerading as progress (Review Article)Pages 2657-2660Klaus Abels, Ad Neeleman

3 Universal grammar as more than a programmatic label (Review Article)Pages 2661-2663John Bolender

4 Diversity across sign languages and spoken languages: Implications forlanguage universals (Original Research Article)Pages 2664-2667Kearsy Cormier, Adam Schembri, Bencie Woll

5 Universal Grammar versus language diversity (Review Article)Pages 2668-2672Stephen Crain, Drew Khlentzos, Rosalind Thornton

6 Roll up for the Mystery Tour! (Review Article)Pages 2673-2675Nigel Duffield

7 Reaction to: “The myth of Language Universals and cognitive science”: On thechoice between phrase structure and dependency structure (Review Article)Pages 2676-2679Richard Hudson

8 Language variation and linguistic invariants (Review Article)Pages 2680-2685Edward L. Keenan, Edward P. Stabler

9 Nouns and verbs in the brain: Implications of linguistic typology forcognitive neuroscience (Original Research Article)Pages 2686-2690David Kemmerer, Alyson Eggleston

10 On the universality of recursionPages 2691-2694Timothy Koschmann

11 Commentary on Evans and Levinson, the myth of language universals: Languagediversity, cognitive universalityPages 2695-2698Yoonhyoung Lee, Eunsuk Lee, Peter C. Gordon, Randall Hendrick

12 Universals, diversity and change in the science of language: Reaction to “TheMyth of Language Universals and Cognitive Science” (Review Article)Pages 2699-2703Giuseppe Longobardi, Ian Roberts

13 Sign languages: Contribution to neurolinguistics from cross-modal research(Original Research Article)Pages 2704-2706Evie Malaia, Ronnie Wilbur

14 Fundamental universals of language (Original Research Article)Pages 2707-2712William O’Grady

15 Reaction to: The Myth of Language Universals and cognitive science - Evans andLevinson's cabinet of curiosities: Should we pay the fee? (Review Article)Pages 2713-2716Eric Reuland, Martin Everaert

16 Computational constraints on compositional interpretation: Refocusing thedebate on language universals (Original Research Article)Pages 2717-2722Susan Rothstein, Alessandro Treves

17 How not to find linguistic universals (Review Article)Pages 2723-2726Ken Safir

18 The uniformity and diversity of language: Evidence from sign language(Original Research Article)Pages 2727-2732Wendy Sandler

19 Time for a sea-change in linguistics: Response to comments on ‘The Myth ofLanguage Universals’ (Original Research Article)Pages 2733-2758Stephen C. Levinson, Nicholas Evans

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