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        1.    Ulrich Lueders, A Complete Grammar of Volapük: Hain

Message 1: A Complete Grammar of Volapük: Hain
Date: 30-Sep-2010
From: Ulrich Lueders <>
Subject: A Complete Grammar of Volapük: Hain
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Title: A Complete Grammar of Volapük Subtitle: Containing a lecture, grammar with numerous examples, exercises, stories, letters, with key; also conversation, and a vocabulary of 5,000 words. Series Title: LINCOM Gramatica 16 Published: 2010 Publisher: Lincom GmbH

Author: Heinrich Maria Hain Paperback: ISBN: 9783895861536 Pages: 221 Price: Europe EURO 54.40

Let it be distinctly understood that Volapük is intended to be viewed as aninternational, and not as a universal language, save in the sense of itsbeing used in all places where people speak a different language.

Each man's mother-tongue will always be the one best to use when speakingor writing to his fellow-countrymen on all subjects appertaining to theordinary social relations of life, whatever the language in which, bybirth, he may happen to speak. The acquired, or foreign, can never stand inthe place of the naturally instilled mother-tongue of baby-life. There arenationalisms and peculiarities and verbal idiosyncrasies about one's owntongue which will always place a foreigner at a disadvantage, how longsoever he may have studied, written and spoken it; and this is the casewith every native language and with the people of every nation. Diversityof language is felt to be a great barrier to international intercourse.Volapük, however, is not intended to destroy that diversity, but tosupplement it by the introduction of a neutral or unnatural language whichthe people of all nations may learn without wounded pride or nationaljealousy. Its intention was never meant to supersede any present dominantliving language, but to be acquired in addition the mother-tongue of everypeople (adapted from the preface).

The grammar contains chapters on orthography and pronunciation, nominalmorphology (gender, declension, numeral verbs, pronouns, etc) and verbalmorphology (active, passive, gerund, conditional, subjunctive, etc.),syntax, and exercises (re-edition; originally published 1888, London).

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics                             Artificial Languages                             General Linguistics
Subject Language(s): Volapük (vol)
Written In: English (eng )

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