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Thu Oct 14 2010

Qs: Cross-Linguistic Comparison: Khmer and English

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        1.     Chheangy Chea , Cross-Linguistic Comparison: Khmer and English

Message 1: Cross-Linguistic Comparison: Khmer and English
Date: 13-Oct-2010
From: Chheangy Chea <>
Subject: Cross-Linguistic Comparison: Khmer and English
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I am currently working on a case study for my master's thesis. Theobjective is to compare with Lardiere's study on "Case and Tense inthe 'fossilized' steady state" (Lardiere, 1998). My subject is a nativespeaker of Khmer (Cambodian) who acquired English as a secondlanguage in the US.

I am doing a cross-linguistic comparison of Khmer and English for myliterature review part. In order to establish my research, I need to knowhow different Khmer and English are linguistically. My study looks atthe subject acquiring inflectional morphemes in English. Since I do nothave Khmer linguistic knowledge, I cannot predict how my subject isgoing to produce English.

I have found only one previous study involving Khmer speakers ofEnglish as subjects (The Convergence of Possessive and ExistentialConstructions by Duff, 1993). It would be very helpful for me if I couldget access to more studies involving Cambodian speakers of English.

Basically, I have access to only the I-Share database:

In short, I would like any information on the following:1. Is there any study involving cross-linguistic differences betweenEnglish and Khmer (Cambodian Language)?2. Is there any study in linguistics involving Cambodians as subjects?

Please list any titles and links (if possible) and please let me know howI can get access to them.

Thanks,Chheangy Chea

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition                             Morphology                             Syntax
Subject Language(s): English (eng)                             Khmer, Central (khm)

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