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        1.     Ulrich Lueders , Politics of the Postcolonial Text: Africa and Its Diasporas: Tsaaior (Ed)

Message 1: Politics of the Postcolonial Text: Africa and Its Diasporas: Tsaaior (Ed)
Date: 30-Sep-2010
From: Ulrich Lueders <>
Subject: Politics of the Postcolonial Text: Africa and Its Diasporas: Tsaaior (Ed)
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Title: Politics of the Postcolonial Text: Africa and Its Diasporas Series Title: LINCOM Textual Analyses 03 Published: 2010 Publisher: Lincom GmbH

Editor: James Tar Tsaaior Paperback: ISBN: 9783862880140 Pages: 228 Price: Europe EURO 69.50

In their very historical constitution and derivation, politics is theessential and governing character of postcolonial cultures. In the sameway, politics defines and gives energy to the postcolonial text. Thepolitical complexion of the postcolonial text registers itself in the factthat it is a counter-hegemonic text to the colonial text which ispredatory. It is in this schema that the postcolonial text, in itsessential political aspirations, participates in the production andcirculation of cultural knowledge that is historically particular andideologically positioned. These regimes of knowledge simultaneouslyinterrogate and revise totalizing and absolutist modes of epistemologiesand their accompanying hermeneutics which are decidedly prejudiced anduncharitable to that of others.

Through this strategy, the postcolonial text, inevitably, imposes on itselfthe project of recuperating and reconstituting the social and culturalhistories of the postcolony as part of the knowledge infrastructure withwhich to assert its energies and cultural self-presence. This process ofself-retrieval and self-renewal is symbolically significant and is centralto the thematic concern of this book. Firstly, it represents anacknowledgement of a loss, lack or limitation and the determination toembark on a journey to recover or remedy the lack. Secondly, it calls forthe re-articulation and reaffirmation of cultural verities that cangalvanise the affected society on the path of self-knowledge as a basis forthe re-vindication of its self-identity.

The essays that constitute this book approximate a narrative mosaic onwhich is etched tributary topical concerns which find their confluence inthe integrity of the postcolonial text as a political and cultural eventfor the secretion of meanings central to African and Black identity throughthe continuum of history. The political dimension of this textual projectcongeals in the fact that it unveils and participates in the amalgam ofissues that have been definitive of the Black cultural condition.


James Tar Tsaaior: Introduction: Of Origins, Politics and the Place of thePostcolonial Text in Black History/Culture

Ikenna Kamalu: Metaphor, Nationhood and the Rhetoric of PostcolonialPolitics in Ben Okri's Novels

Henri Oripeloye: Urhobo Myth and Oral Rhetoric as Constitutive Sites inTanure Ojaide's Poetry

Anke Bartels: Failing to Contain the World: The Politics of Space inRebecca Njau's Ripples in the Pool

Philip Onoriode Aghoghovwia: Globalisation and Cultural Identity Discoursein the Exilic Poetry of Tanure Ojaide and Odia Ofeimun

Gboyega Kolawole & Sule E. Egya: History and the Politics of Representationin the Postcolonial African Text

Ogaga Okuyade: Threnody in the Postcolonial Text: The Example of NewNigerian Poetry

Andrew Ame Aba: A Post-colonial Reading of Chinua Achebe's Things FallApart and Anthills of the Savannah

James Tar Tsaaior: Aesthetics, Politics and Recent Nigerian Popular Musicas Counter-narratives

Sunny Awhefeada: Myth, History and the Identity of Africa: TheAutobiographical Context of Alex Haley's Roots

David Ekanem Udoinwang: History, (re)memory And Cultural Self-presencing:The Politics of Postcolonial Becoming in the Caribbean Novel

James Tar Tsaaior: (Re-)configuring Black Musical Genealogies: The Diasporaand Africa

Dr. Tsaaior is the current Head, Department of Mass Media and Writing atSMC, the Director of Academic Planning, Pan-African University and a memberof the University Senate.

Linguistic Field(s): Ling & Literature                             Sociolinguistics
Written In: English (eng )

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