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Books: Cognitive Science/Pragmatics: Harder

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        1.     Julia Ulrich , Meaning in Mind and Society: Harder

Message 1: Meaning in Mind and Society: Harder
Date: 12-Oct-2010
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: Meaning in Mind and Society: Harder
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Title: Meaning in Mind and Society Subtitle: A Functional Contribution to the Social Turn in Cognitive Linguistics Series Title: Cognitive Linguistics Research [CLR] 41 Published: 2010 Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

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Author: Peter Harder Electronic: ISBN: 9783110216059 Pages: 516 Price: Europe EURO 119.95
Hardback: ISBN: 9783110205107 Pages: 516 Price: Europe EURO 119.95

Meaning is embodied - but it is also social. If Cognitive Linguistics is to be acomplete theory of language in use, it must cover the whole spectrum fromgrounded cognition to nonsense and irony. This book tries to show how.

Cognitive Linguistics knocked down the wall between language and theexperiential content of the human mind. Frame semantics, embodiment,conceptual construal, figure-ground organization, metaphorical mapping, andmental spaces are among the results of this breakthrough, which at the sametime provided cognitive science as a whole with an essential humandimension. A new phase began when Cognitive Linguistics started to seeitself as part of the wider movement of 'usage-based' linguistics. Bringingabout an alliance between mind and discourse, it complemented theconceptual dimension that had been dominant until then with a 'use'dimension - thereby living up to the explicit 'experiential' commitment ofCognitive Linguistics. This outward expansion is continuing: The focus on'meaning construction', which began with the theory of blending, highlightsemergent, online effects rather than underlying mappings. CognitiveLinguistics is integrating the evolutionary perspective, which links upindividual and population-based features of language. The empiricalobligations incurred by this expansion have led to greatly increased attentionto corpus and experimental methods, especially in relation to sociolinguisticand language acquisition research.

The book describes this development and goes on to discuss thefoundational challenge that it creates for Cognitive Linguistics as it begins tocover issues that are also central to types of discourse analysis focusing onsocial processes of determination. The book argues for a synthesis based ona renewed Cognitive Linguistics, which can accommodate everything frombodily grounding to deconstructible floating signifiers in an integratedcomplete picture, which also covers the roles of arbitrariness and structure.

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science                             Pragmatics
Written In: English (eng )

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