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Sat Oct 16 2010

Calls: Applied Ling/Writing Systems/Writing Systems Research (Jrnl)

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        1.     Ellie Graves , Writing Systems Research

Message 1: Writing Systems Research
Date: 15-Oct-2010
From: Ellie Graves <>
Subject: Writing Systems Research
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Full Title: Writing Systems Research

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Writing Systems

Call Deadline: 30-Mar-2011


Special Issue on L2 Writing Systems

Seeing how many people today know more than one language, research intohow second writing systems are learnt and used is of growing importance.We invite manuscripts describing original research or state-of-the-artaccounts of the acquisition, use, processing, or impairment of secondlanguage writing systems that differ in typology or context of acquisition fromfirst language writing systems. The focus may be on ease of acquisition,processing implications, or a linguistic analysis. The following are suggestedtopics; other ideas within this framework will be welcome.

- What is the nature of spelling in a second language? Manuscriptsaddressing this question could look at what generalisations can be madeabout L2 spelling development and the source of problems across languages,for example the relevance of phonology, and regional dialect for Arabic usersof English. Specific accounts of L2 writing system from different languagesare invited, particularly concerning languages other than English as the firstor second writing system.

- What is known today of transfer of processing from one writing system toanother? Manuscripts on this issue could look not only at the broad issues oftransfer between sound-based and meaning-based writing systems, such asEnglish and Chinese, but also at transfer between different scripts, such asCyrillic and Arabic, or between languages with the same sound-basedalphabet but different degrees of transparency, say Italian and German.

- How do young children acquire two writing systems? Comparing mono-literacy with biliteracy, looking at problems and benefits, say for Arabic-speaking children in England.

- What are the issues with the use of keyboard systems involving two writingsystems, for instance inputting Japanese kanji via a Roman keyboard?

- What theoretical and methodological issues does research into secondwriting systems raise for writing system research in general?

Special Issue on Writing Systems at Play

A vital part of all writing systems is the ability to deviate systematically fromthe conventions to entertain, to assert identity, to achieve literary effect, orfor many other reasons. The special issue will deal with a range of aspects ofthe writing system at play. The following are suggested topics, with someweb-links to examples; other ideas within this topic will be welcome.

- Eye dialect

- Typographical layout.

- Advertisement (commercial function).

- Conventional spelling neologisms.

- Human letter forms.

- Calligraphy.

- Text in art.

- 'Lishes' is one name for the use of one script to depict another, such asGreeklish, Arablish, Chinglish (but not the meaning of ungrammatical displayEnglish also known by these names).

- Ambigrams


Those who would like to contribute to these special issues are invited tocontact Vivian Cook, Jyotsna Vaid, or Benedetta Bassetti, WSR Editors[]

Please submit online at clearlyindicating that you are submitting for a special issue, and which one you aresubmitting for.

All submissions must be received by the end of March 2011.

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