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Books: Linguistics & Literature: Nørgaard, Busse, Montoro

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        1.     Jennifer Tighe , Key Terms in Stylistics: Nørgaard, Busse, Montoro

Message 1: Key Terms in Stylistics: Nørgaard, Busse, Montoro
Date: 04-Oct-2010
From: Jennifer Tighe <>
Subject: Key Terms in Stylistics: Nørgaard, Busse, Montoro
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Title: Key Terms in Stylistics Series Title: Key Terms Published: 2010 Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd

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Author: Nina Nørgaard Author: Beatrix Busse Author: Rocío Montoro Electronic: ISBN: 9781441193056 Pages: 288 Price: U.K. £ 60.00
Hardback: ISBN: 9780826412881 Pages: 288 Price: U.K. £ 60.00
Paperback: ISBN: 9780826419484 Pages: 288 Price: U.K. £ 16.99

Stylistics is the study of the ways in which meaning is created and shapedthrough language in literature and in other types of text. Key Terms inStylistics provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the field,along with sections that explain relevant terms, concepts and key thinkerslisted from A to Z.

The book comprises entries on different stylistic approaches to text,including feminist, cognitive, corpus and multimodal stylistics. There iscoverage of key thinkers and their work as well as of central terms andconcepts. It ends with a comprehensive bibliography of key texts.The book is written in an accessible manner, explaining difficult conceptsin a straightforward way. It will appeal to both beginner and upper-levelstudents working in the interface between language, linguistics and literature.

"Key Terms in Stylistics is a substantial, timely and much-neededcontribution to the rapidly developing field of Stylistics. Charting thedevelopment of Stylistics from its inception to the present day, andcovering the major themes, terms and concepts, this book is the keyreference guide to modern Stylistics. One of the major accomplishments ofthe book is the way its authors manage to reign in the many diverse strandsin contemporary stylistic analysis, from Feminist Stylistics to CognitivePoetics, from Critical Stylistics to the Empirical Study of Literature,thereby creating a comprehensive and coherent overview of the present-dayfield. With full entries on the key terms and the major work in the area,this book is essential reading for anyone who wishes (or needs) to acquaintthemselves with the character and practice of modern Stylistics."Professor Paul Simpson, Queen's University Belfast, UK

Linguistic Field(s): Ling & Literature
Written In: English (eng )

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