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TOC: English Language and Linguistics 14/3

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        1.     Joyce Reid , English Language and Linguistics Vol 14, No 3

Message 1: English Language and Linguistics Vol 14, No 3
Date: 13-Oct-2010
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: English Language and Linguistics Vol 14, No 3
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: English Language and Linguistics Volume Number: 14 Issue Number: 3 Issue Date:

Main Text:

Modeling diachronic change in the third person singular: a multifactorial, verb-and author-specific exploratory approachStefan Gries, Martin Hilpert

Laryngeal assimilation in Buchan ScotsIslam Youssef

Same time, across time: simultaneity clauses from Late Modern to Present-Day EnglishCristiano Broccias, Nicholas Smith

Verbo-nominal constructions of necessity with þearf n. and needn.: competition and grammaticalization from OE to eModELucía Loureiro-Porto

A constructional taxonomy of I think and related expressions: accountingfor the variability of complement-taking mental predicatesJulie Van Bogaert

Reconsidering the syntax of non-canonical negative inversionJessica White-Sustaita

The functions of weorðan and its loss in the past tense in Old and MiddleEnglishPeter Petré

A treasury of EnglishesGunnel Melchers

Modality in English: Theory and description. Berlin and New York: Mouton deGruyter, 2009.Peter Collins

Genitives in Early English. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.Letizia Vezzosi

The sound structure of English: An introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge UniversityPress, 2009.Joanna Przedlacka

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