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Books: Translation: Naaijkens (Ed)

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        1.     Christian Bieri , Event or Incident – Evénement ou Incident: Naaijkens (Ed)

Message 1: Event or Incident – Evénement ou Incident: Naaijkens (Ed)
Date: 25-Oct-2010
From: Christian Bieri <>
Subject: Event or Incident – Evénement ou Incident: Naaijkens (Ed)
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Title: Event or Incident – Evénement ou Incident Subtitle: On the Role of Translation in the Dynamics of Cultural Exchange – Du rôle des traductions dans les processus d'échanges culturels Series Title: Series: Genèses de Textes - Textgenesen. Volume 3 Published: 2010 Publisher: Peter Lang AG

Editor: Ton Naaijkens Paperback: ISBN: 9783034304870 Pages: 324 Price: U.S. $ 80.95
Paperback: ISBN: 9783034304870 Pages: 324 Price: U.K. £ 47.00
Paperback: ISBN: 9783034304870 Pages: 324 Price: Europe EURO 52.20 Comment: for Germany EURO 55.90, for Austria EURO 57.40 (incl. VAT)

Translations are crucial to the flow of themes, images, forms and ideasacross boundaries. They constitute a special case of cultural dynamics as, ina sense, they are existing texts revived in a new form. The introduction oftextual works in a target culture involves a high degree of strategy andcontrol. These moments of control, selection and influence deserve specialattention in cultural, receptional, and translation-historical studies. Theessays in this yearbook address aspects of the central topic: the impact oftranslations on culturalhistorical developments in Europe. First and foremostis the question which works were selected and why, and next which wereneglected and why. In a wider scope: what - in the long-term processes ofcultural transfer - were the «peaks» or key moments, and of which nature wasthe discourse accompanying the presence of a foreign-language culture intranslation? Why did it all happen like this, and what was the precise impactof the introduction of new works, new ideas, new culture through the mediumof translation? These are the questions to which the authors of this workattempt to provide answers.

Contents/Contenu : Ton Naaijkens: Event or Incident. Evénement ou Incident- an Introduction - Sergey Tyulenev: Modernization as Translation:Eighteenth-Century Russia - Cees Koster: Non-translation as an Event. TheReception in the Netherlands of John Dos Passos in the 1930s - Anne vanBuul: The Importance of Translations in Processes of Repertoire Creation.Rossetti's «Blessed Damozel» in Dutch - Jennifer Varney: The Imagist Poetas Cultural Mediator. H.D. and the Translation of the Classics - PetraBroomans: Reception and Ideology. «Wild Volcanism» and Other Varieties onStrindberg - Ágnes Somló: The Role of Literary Translators in the Mediationof Ideas and Literature Across Cultures - Mónica Amenedo Costa: CulturalAssimilation through the Translation of Proper Names - Jean-Marc Gouanvic :Panorama de la traduction-importation de la littérature américaine en France(1820-1960) - Stéphanie Vanasten : Quand l'événement trompe l'attente etarrive de France. Hugo Claus traduit Friedrich Hölderlin - Titika Dimitroulia :L'éthique de la traduction indirecte : le cas de Yannis Ritsos - LieveJooken/Guy Rooryck : John Locke ou la traduction de l'entendement -Winibert Segers/Henri Bloemen: Schwangerschaften. Poe's Verlorener Briefund dessen Spuren - Olivier Demissy-Cazeilles : Du scots au picard : latraduction au service des langues régionales ou minoritaires - José YusteFrías : Au seuil de la traduction : la paratraduction.

Ton Naaijkens is professor of German Literature and Translation Studies atthe University of Utrecht. His teaching and research focus on Germanliterature, cultural transfer and translation history. Naaijkens is closelyinvolved in the Master programme «Translation», he is director of the Utrecht-based Centre of Expertise on Literary Translation and responsible for theinternational research group «ETOILE».

Linguistic Field(s): Translation
Written In: English (eng )

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