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Books: Linguistic Theories/Pragmatics/Semantics: Wildgen, Brandt (Eds)

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        1.     Christian Bieri , Semiosis and Catastrophes: Wildgen, Brandt (Eds)

Message 1: Semiosis and Catastrophes: Wildgen, Brandt (Eds)
Date: 26-Oct-2010
From: Christian Bieri <>
Subject: Semiosis and Catastrophes: Wildgen, Brandt (Eds)
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Title: Semiosis and Catastrophes Subtitle: René Thom's Semiotic Heritage Published: 2010 Publisher: Peter Lang AG

Editor: Wolfgang Wildgen Editor: Per Aage Brandt Paperback: ISBN: 9783034304672 Pages: Price: U.S. $ 51.95
Paperback: ISBN: 9783034304672 Pages: Price: U.K. £ 29.70
Paperback: ISBN: 9783034304672 Pages: Price: Europe EURO 33.00 Comment: for Germany EURO 35.30, for Austria EURO 36.30 (incl. VAT)

The French mathematician René Thom (Fields medal 1958) died in 2002. Inthis volume his contributions to biology, semiotics and linguistics arediscussed by a group of scholars who have continued his work and haveshaped the new paradigm of dynamic semiotics and linguistics. Thom'sheritage is full of revolutionary ideas and deep insights which stem from arich intuition and a sharp awareness of the current state of the sciences,including their potentials and risks. The contributions to this volume areelaborations of papers given at a colloquium at the International Center forSemiotics and Linguistics of the University of Urbino (Italy), in 2005.The central concern of this volume is semiogenesis, i.e. the evolution anddifferentiation of meaningful («pregnant») forms in the field of symbolicsystems - from bio-communication to language and cultural forms like music,art, architecture or urban forms. The basic questions are: How are meaningscreated and further differentiated? Where do they come from? What kind offorces drive their unfolding? How can complex cultural forms be understoodbased on simple morphodynamic principles?

Applications concern the perception of forms by animals and humans, thecategorization of forms e.g. in a lexicon, and predication or other complexsymbolic behaviors which show up in grammar or in cultural artifacts like theunfolding of urban centers.

Contents: Wolfgang Wildgen: Introduction - Marc Chaperon: Catastrophes. Atestimony - Svend Østergaard: René Thom: The Recognition of Forms. AnApologia for Realism - Peer F. Bundgaard/Frederik Stjernfelt: René Thom'sSemiotics and Its Sources - Wolfgang Wildgen: Thom's Theory of « Saillance» and « Prégnance » and Modern Evolutionary Linguistics - Isabel Marcos:Urban Universals - Ángel López-García: Catastrophes: What are we talkingabout? - Jean Petitot : « Le hiatus entre le logique et le morphologique ».Prédication et Perception - Per Aage Brandt : René Thom - Prégnances etcatastrophes. Pour une phénoménologie sémio-cognitive.

Wolfgang Wildgen (*1944) received his Ph.D. in Linguistics 1977 andcompleted his Habilitation in General Linguistics 1981. In the same year, hewas appointed Professor of General and German Linguistics at the Universityof Bremen (emeritus since 2009).

Per Aage Brandt (*1944) holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics (1971). In 1987 he wasappointed Docteur d'Etat of the Université de Sorbonne, Paris, in Semio-linguistics. In 1975 he became Professor at the University of Aarhus; andsince 2005, he has been Professor of Cognitive Science and ModernLanguages at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland.

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories                             Pragmatics                             Semantics                             Syntax
Written In: English (eng )

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