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        1.     Ana Correia , 1st Per-fide Conference: Corpora & Translation

Message 1: 1st Per-fide Conference: Corpora & Translation
Date: 11-Nov-2011
From: Ana Correia <>
Subject: 1st Per-fide Conference: Corpora & Translation
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1st Per-fide Conference: Corpora & Translation

Date: 22-Nov-2011 - 23-Nov-2011 Location: Braga, Portugal Contact: Ana Correia Contact Email: < click here to access email > Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Translation

Meeting Description:

The first edition of the International Per-Fide Conference on Corpora &Translation is organised within the scope of the Per-Fide Project( and is entirelydevoted to the issues of compiling, exploring and applying (parallel)corpora to the field of translation. This event was not exclusivelyconceived for people working in the area of Natural LanguageProcessing. Instead, it aims to demonstrate that the compilation ofelectronic corpora (monolingual and bilingual, comparable and parallel)is not only useful to those that are already used to working withcorpora, but also to less experienced users, namely students, teachersand translation professionals. Indeed, once the alignment process hasbeen completed, parallel corpora can be processed in order to extractprobabilistic translation dictionaries, translation memories andexamples, bilingual terminology, among other resources. Thisconference cycle is intended to be an enriching and comprehensiveknowledge-sharing experience, providing concrete examples of howall these resources can be used by professional translators in theirdaily activity as well as by students and teachers to meet therequirements of translation teaching.

Please note that this conference is part of a more encompassing cycleof conferences that will be held annually and whose goal is to open aspace for debate, reflexion and (re)signification of corpus usage inseveral other fields, e.g. in language teaching.

1st International Per-Fide Conference: Corpora & Translation

22nd of November

9h00-9h30:Opening Sessions

Professora Eduarda Keating (Presidente do Instituto de Letras eCiências Humanas)Professor Álvaro Iriarte (Vice-Presidente do Instituto de Letras eCiências Humanas)Professora Filomena Louro (Diretora do Mestrado em Tradução eComunicação Multilingue da Universidade do Minho)

9h30-10h00:Outils d'aide à la traduction: pour une intégration de la linguistique decorpusIsabelle Oliveira (Université de Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle)

10h00-10h20: Projeto Per-FideEquipa Per-Fide

10h20-10h40:Álgebra de Dicionários Probabilísticos de TraduçãoAlberto Simões (CEHUM/IPCA) e José João Almeida (CCTC/DIUM)

10h40-11h00:Coffee break

11h00-12h30:Workshop 1: Como pesquisar em CorporaSílvia Araújo, Ana Oliveira, Idalete Dias (Universidade do Minho)


14h00-15h30:Workshop 2: Os prós e contras de Softwares de TraduçãoOmega T - Ana Correia e Jorge Sousa (Universidade do Minho)Trados Studio - Núria Santos (Primavera Software)

15h30-16h00:Coffee break

16h00-17h00:Workshop 3: Sur les retombées et perspectives de la traductionautomatiqueIsabelle Oliveira (Université de Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle)

17h00-18h00:Lightning talks**The programme includes an open space to all participants(researchers, students, etc) for brief sessions (lightning talks) wherethey can present their doubts, share relevant findings, as well asintroduce new corpus-based projects and put up for debate anyparticular set of issues related to the use of corpora or the field oftranslation.

23rd of November

9h00-9h30:Linguistique, terminologie et traduction: quelques éléments deréflexions à propos des corpusLoïc Depecker (Université de Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle)

9h30-11h00:Workshop 4: Corpógrafo, passado, presente e futuroBelinda Maia (Universidade do Porto)

11h00-11h20: Coffee break

11h20-11h40:Da tradução jurídica nas/com as instituições da UEConceição Varela (Universidade do Minho)

11h40-12h00:Colocações: mais do que combinações frequentes de palavrasÁlvaro Iríarte (Universidade do Minho)

12h00-12h30:As faces da tradução em contexto de empresaSílvia Sacadura e Maria João Grilo (Euroscript Portugal)


14h00-15h30:Workshop 5: Ferramentas de Alinhamento na WebJosé João Almeida (CCTC/DIUM); André Santos (Per-Fide); AlbertoSimões (CEHUM/IPCA)

15h30-16h00:Coffee break

16h00-17h30:Workshop 6: Preparação de livros para alinhamentoAndré Santos (Per-Fide)

17h30-18h00:Closing session

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