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Tue Nov 15 2011

Qs: Data on implicit, incidental, etc. learning?

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        1.     Robert Nelson , Data on implicit, incidental, etc. learning?

Message 1: Data on implicit, incidental, etc. learning?
Date: 14-Nov-2011
From: Robert Nelson <>
Subject: Data on implicit, incidental, etc. learning?
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Dear Colleagues,I am trying to gather enough material for a meta-analysis of studies inSLA that have investigated implicit learning, incidental learning, orlearning without awareness. I am asking for two things:

1) any references for studies published in non-English languagejournals, or in regional journals or conference proceedings that are notwell archived.

2) any studies that were not published, for any reason. these caninclude those that did not show significant effects (I am particularlyinterested in these), PhD dissertations, and/or particularly well doneMA theses. I am happy to receive reports, raw (but organized) data, aswell as just the names and email addresses of individuals who mayhave done some research along these lines, and also anything elseyou might think is helpful but that I have failed to mention.

I am interested in the entire scope of this research, from artificial andsemi-artificial grammar studies to the incidental learning of words,gestures, etc. (of course different types of research will be modeledseparately). I will happily post to the list the annotated bibliography thatcomes out of the responses.

Best,Robert NelsonUniversity of Alabama

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