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Tue Nov 22 2011

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        1.     Aline Villavicencio , Transactions on Speech and Language Processing

Message 1: Transactions on Speech and Language Processing
Date: 21-Nov-2011
From: Aline Villavicencio <>
Subject: Transactions on Speech and Language Processing
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Full Title: Transactions on Speech and Language Processing

Call Deadline: 15-May-2012

First Call for PapersACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing

Special Issue on Multiword Expressions:from Theory to Practice and

Deadline for Submissions: May, 15th, 2012

Multiword expressions (MWEs) range over linguistic constructions likeidioms (a frog in the throat, kill some time), fixed phrases (per se,by and large, rock'n roll), noun compounds (traffic light, cable car),compound verbs (draw a conclusion, go by [a name]), etc. While easilymastered by native speakers, their interpretation poses a major challengefor computational systems, due to their flexible and heterogeneous nature.Surprisingly enough, MWEs are not nearly as frequent in NLP resources(dictionaries, grammars) as they are in real-word text, where they havebeen reported to account for half of the entries in the lexicon of a speakerand over 70% of the terms in a domain. Thus, MWEs are a key issue anda current weakness for tasks like natural language parsing and generation,as well as real-life applications such as machine translation.

We call for papers that present research on theoretical and practical aspectsof the computational treatment of MWEs, specifically focusing on MWEs inapplications such as machine translation, information retrieval and questionanswering. We also strongly encourage submissions on processing MWEs inthe language of social media and micro-blogs. The focus of the special issue,thus, includes, but is not limited to the following topics:

* MWE treatment in applications such as the ones mentioned above;* Lexical representation of MWEs in dictionaries and grammars;* Corpus-based identification and extraction of MWEs;* Application-oriented evaluation of MWE treatment;* Type-dependent analysis of MWEs;* Multilingual applications (e.g. machine translation, bilingual dictionaries);* Parsing and generation of MWEs, especially, processing of MWEs in thelanguage of social media and micro-blogs;* MWEs and user interaction;* MWEs in linguistic theories like HPSG, LFG and minimalism and theircontribution to applications;* Relevance of research on first and second language acquisition of MWEsfor applications;* Crosslinguistic studies on MWEs.

Submission Procedure

Authors should follow the ACM TSLP manuscript preparation guidelinesdescribed on the journal web site and submit an electroniccopy of their complete manuscript through the journal manuscript submissionsite Authors are required tospecify that their submission is intended for this special issue by including onthe first page of the manuscript and in the field 'Author's Cover Letter' thenote 'Submitted for the special issue on Multiword Expressions'.


Submission deadline: May, 15th, 2012Notification of acceptance: September, 15th , 2012Final manuscript due: November, 31st, 2012

Guest Editors

* Valia Kordoni, DFKI GmbH and Saarland University (Germany)* Carlos Ramisch, University of Grenoble (France) and Federal University ofRio Grande do Sul (Brazil)* Aline Villavicencio, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) andMassachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)


For any inquiries regarding the special issue, please send an emailto

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