LINGUIST List 23.1012

Wed Feb 29 2012

LINGUIST: Opportunities for Everyone

Editor for this issue: Elyssa Winzeler <>

Date: 29-Feb-2012
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: A Message from the Managing Editor
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Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

In my role as Managing Editor, one of the most valuable lessons I've gainedis how to guide linguists to resources that are relevant to their needs.The LINGUIST List has such incredible potential to provide opportunitiesfor all linguists. Not just for Americans. Not just for people who canafford an annual membership fee. For everyone. This is why our services arefreely accessible to the public, and why we must ask for donations in orderto continue:

Perhaps you're wondering what LINGUIST can offer you. No matter who you are,where you're from, or what your interests are, if you have something toannounce to the linguistics community, we want to help you find the rightforum to share it! Want people to know that there's a conference onUkrainian? We can announce this in our Conferences area. Want to informstudents of an applied linguistics fellowship in China? We can post thisfor you in our Support section. If you're not sure where your information'fits', we have a hardworking team of editors specialized to help you findthe best classification.

For this fund drive, I want to show you how to best utilize our site. Alongwith sending out messages about our office, we'll also send out a series ofmessages that organize our resources for specific demographics, such asstudents, conference organizers, institutions, or job-seekers. So we hopeyou'll keep reading our messages or following us on social media; you mayfind something you're looking for.

We work hard to connect linguists and ideas from all over the world, and topromote the discipline as a whole. We're going to continue to work hard tofind new ways of making LINGUIST as user-friendly and beneficial to you aspossible. But to do that, we need your help. Please donate today:

Best regards,

Elyssa WinzelerManaging Editor

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