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Mon Mar 05 2012

Media: Variation and Change in Dublin English

Editor for this issue: Brent Woo <>

Date: 04-Mar-2012
From: Raymond Hickey <>
Subject: Variation and Change in Dublin English
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A new website has been installed at the University of Duisburg andEssen in Germany which is dedicated to variation and change in thepronunciation of present-day Dublin English. The site is arranged as atree with branches which correspond to various aspects of this topic.There are comprehensive sections on the history of Irish English, andof Dublin English in particular, along with discussions of features onvarious linguistic levels and the sociolinguistics of present-day DublinEnglish.

In addition the website deals with the theoretical implications of currentchange in Dublin English for sociolinguistic research in general.Sample sound files for a range of varieties in Dublin are available onthe website so that users can immediately grasp the issues which arebeing discussed in any given module. Detailed bibliographicalreferences are contained in each section so that interested scholarsand students can further pursue matters further. Glossaries, overviewsof external history and biographical notes are also included, providingeasy orientation for those who have not previously concernedthemselves with Dublin English.

The website can be accessed at the following address:

This website has been designed and is maintained by RaymondHickey. All the texts, graphs, tables, sound files, etc. are his own andare put in the public domain under the assumption that if they are usedby scholars and students, then appropriate acknowledgement will bemade.

Raymond HickeyMarch 2012

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