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Sun Mar 18 2012

Do you know what geolinguistics is? Find out with LL-MAP!

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Date: 18-Mar-2012
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: LL-MAP -- another free resource from the LINGUIST List
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Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

Imagine for a moment that you are able to visuallyrepresent language information in a virtual sphere.Imagine also you are able to dynamically layer differenttypes of information over each other to query, searchand manipulate the data in order to see linguisticpatterns that you wouldn't have been able to see withstatic paper maps alone. Imagine if you will the abilityto upload linguistic data via a user-friendly uploadingfacility. No need to imagine any longer!

LL-MAP--a language mapping facility--is here!

And, I am happy to announce that with each month, LL-MAP gets moreinventive, more data-driven and more user-friendly.

And don't forget, it is your generous support thatkeeps us going month after month:

I could continue to tell you about how you can useLL-MAP and why it is an important resource, but nowI want to get personal. Since I joined the team threeyears ago, I have seen a tremendous amount of workput into the development and maintenance of LL-MAP.I myself have gone from a team member who digitizedpaper maps to someone who collected data herselfand created a map from that work. Now, I also assist
others in learning the programs and techniques to createdynamic maps. I am surrounded by creative individualswho are striving to make LL-MAP an even more usefulproject. It is these things that make me proud to be ateam leader for LL-MAP. It is these things that make melight up when I tell someone what I do for a living.
Come see more here of this great project here!

It is through your support that several graduate studentsget to work on such a stimulating and important projectas LL-MAP. Also note that each contribution is goingtowards more research and findings into the growingfield of geolinguistics. Please donate today:

Thank you for supporting LINGUIST List!


Amy Brunett
LL-MAP Team Leader

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