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Fri Jun 01 2012

Books: English Corpus Linguistics: Crossing Paths: Kytö (Ed)

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Date: 01-Jun-2012
From: Eric van Broekhuizen <>
Subject: English Corpus Linguistics: Crossing Paths: Kytö (Ed)
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Title: English Corpus Linguistics: Crossing Paths Published: 2012 Publisher: Rodopi

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Editor: Merja Kytö Electronic: ISBN: 9789401207935 Pages: Price: Europe EURO 53
Hardback: ISBN: 9789042035188 Pages: Price: Europe EURO 58

The chapters in this collected volume illuminate the dynamic success storyof English corpus linguistics over the past few decades. The book isorganised in three parts. The chapters in Part I set the scene by addressingfundamental issues such as the balance between automated and manualanalyses, and the urgent call for more communication and collaborationacross subjects and research areas. The studies in Part II highlight patternsin Present-day English from a cross-linguistic perspective, and identify andanalyse stylistic trends in recent English. Part III is devoted to aspects of therich variation and long-term change characteristic of early English.Two themes cut across the chapters in the book. One of them is theimpressive volume and diversity of digitised material available for Englishcorpus linguists today and the issues that arise for researchers wishing tocombine different data sources in their analyses. The other theme concernsthe benefits that advances made in English corpus linguistics may offer toother disciplines.

ContentsMerja Kytö: Introduction.'Setting the scene'Anne Curzan: The electronic life of texts: insights from corpus linguistics forall fields of English.Charles F. Meyer: Textual analysis: from philology to corpus linguistics'Focus on Present-day and recent English'Stig Johansson: Cross-linguistic perspectives.Geoffrey Leech, Nicholas Smith and Paul Rayson: English style on themove: variation and change in stylistic normsin the twentieth century.'Focus on early English'Laurel J. Brinton: Historical pragmatics and corpus linguistics: problems andstrategies.Claudia Claridge: 'Upon these 'Heads' I shall discourse': lexicographical andcorpus evidence for senses and phrases.Thomas Kohnen: Prayers in the history of English: a corpus-based study.Ian Lancashire: Semantic drift in Shakespeare, and Early Modern English full-text corpora.Matti Rissanen: Corpora and the study of the history of English.Elizabeth Closs Traugott: The status of onset contexts in analysis of micro-changes.

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics                             Text/Corpus Linguistics
Subject Language(s): English (eng)
Written In: English (eng)

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