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Sat Jun 02 2012

Books: Corpus Linguistics and Variation in English: Huber, Mukherjee (Eds)

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Date: 01-Jun-2012
From: Eric van Broekhuizen <>
Subject: Corpus Linguistics and Variation in English: Huber, Mukherjee (Eds)
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Title: Corpus Linguistics and Variation in English Subtitle: Theory and Description. Series Title: Language and Computers Vol. 75 Published: 2012 Publisher: Rodopi

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Editor: Joybrato Mukherjee Editor: Magnus Huber Electronic: ISBN: 9789401207713 Pages: Price: Europe EURO 50
Hardback: ISBN: 9789042034952 Pages: Price: Europe EURO 55

The present volume includes a selection of 20 papers from the 31st AnnualConference of the International Computer Archive of Modern and MedievalEnglish (ICAME), held in Giessen (Germany) in May 2010. The conferencetopic was "Corpus linguistics and variation in English". All the papersincluded in the present Conference Proceedings capture aspects of variationin language use on the basis of corpus analyses, providing new descriptiveinsights, and/or new methods of utilising corpora for the description oflanguage variation. Of particular interest are the five plenary papers thatare included in the present volume, focusing on corpus-based approaches tovariation in language from different disciplinary perspectives: Stefan Th.Gries (quantitative-statistical descriptions of variation and corpora),Michaela Mahlberg (stylistic variation and corpora), Miriam Meyerhoff(variational sociolinguistics and corpora), Edgar W. Schneider (regionalvariation and corpora) and Elizabeth C. Traugott (historicalvariation/grammaticalization and corpora).

Contents:Joybrato Mukherjee and Magnus Huber: Introduction: Corpus linguistics andvariation in EnglishGisle Andersen: Listenership in polylogic discourseMarina Bondi and Corrado Seidenari: "and now I'm finally of the mind to sayi hope the whole ship goes down…": Markers of subjectivity and evaluativephraseology in blogsDoris R. Dant: Using COCA to evaluate "The Chicago Manual of Style"'s usageprescriptionsStefan Th. Gries: Corpus linguistics, theoretical linguistics, andcognitive/psycholinguistics: Towards more and more fruitful exchangesHans Martin Lehmann and Gerold Schneider: Syntactic variation and lexicalpreference in the dative-shift alternationMichaela Mahlberg: The corpus stylistic analysis of fiction - or thefiction of corpus stylistics?Manfred Markus: How can Joseph Wright's "English Dialect Dictionary" beused as a corpus?Miriam Meyerhoff: Uncovering hidden constraints in micro-corpora of contactEnglishesHagen Peukert: Hidden structures in English corporaThomas Proisl: Automatically exploring lexical tendencies in EnglishPaula Rodríguez-Abruñeiras: Exemplifying constructions with "for example"and "for instance" as markers: A historical accountPatricia Ronan: Modal "would" as a pragmatic softener in ICE IrelandJuhani Rudanko: "Talked the council out of adopting any resolution": On thetransitive "out of -ing" construction in American EnglishEdgar W. Schneider: Tracking the evolution of vernaculars: Corpuslinguistics and earlier Southern US EnglishesStefania Spina: Methodological issues in a television news corpus:Discourse and annotationMichael Stubbs: Corpora and texts: Lexis and text structureElizabeth Closs Traugott: On the persistence of ambiguous linguisticcontexts over time: Implications for corpus research on micro-changesTuro Vartiainen and Jefrey Lijffijt: Premodifying "-ing" participles in theparsed BNC

Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics
Subject Language(s): English (eng)
Written In: English (eng)

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