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Wed Jun 06 2012

Confs: Typology/France

Editor for this issue: Xiyan Wang <>

Date: 06-Jun-2012
From: Francois Mouret <>
Subject: Topics in the Typology of Elliptical Constructions - Part II
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Topics in the Typology of Elliptical Constructions - Part II

Date: 27-Jun-2012 - 27-Jun-2012 Location: Paris, France Contact: Anne Abeillé, François Mouret Contact Email: < click here to access email >

Linguistic Field(s): Typology

Meeting Description:

In the line of a previous meeting organized in 2011, the presentconference funded by the French TUL CNRS federation aims at providinga comprehensive view of recent advances on ellipsis by comparingdifferent constructions (such as VP ellipsis, Right Node Raising andGapping), different languages (such as English, Czech, Romanian andMandarin Chinese) and different theoretical perspectives (such asMinimalism and HPSG).


9h30 - 10h30Invited speaker: Emil Ionescu (U. Bucarest)A Hybrid Variety of Stripping in Romanian

10h30 - 11h15Hana Gruet-Skrabalova (U. Clermont-Ferrand)Ellipsis in Answers to Polar Questions in Czech

Coffee break

11h45-12h30Jonathan Ginzburg & Dimitra Kolliakou (U. Paris Diderot)Non Sentential Clarification Requests: Grammar and emergence

12h30-13h15Gabriela Bilbiie (U. Paris Diderot & Labex EFL)Empirical Investigations on Right Node Raising in the Penn Treebank

Lunch break

14h15-15h15Invited speaker: Rui Chaves (U. Buffalo)On the Disunity of Right Node Raising Phenomena

15h15-16hAnne Dagnac (U. Toulouse-Le Mirail)Some Remarks on Gapping in French

Coffee break

16h30-17h15Yiqin Qiu (U. Paris Diderot)The Hierarchy of Adjuncts in Mandarin VP Ellipsis

17h15-18hPhilip Miller (U. Paris Diderot)Exophoric VP Ellipsis in English

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