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Sun Jun 10 2012

Software: 175,000 references for typology: Glottolog/Langdoc

Editor for this issue: Justin Petro <>

Date: 08-Jun-2012
From: Sebastian Nordhoff <>
Subject: 175,000 references for typology: Glottolog/Langdoc
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Dear all,

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Glottolog/Langdoc.Glottolog/Langdoc is a knowledge base of 94k languoids (dialects,languages, families) interlinked with 175k references of mostlydescriptive nature. References are annotated for type (grammar,dictionary, text, etc) and languages covered. You can browselanguoids, browse references, formulate complex queries, and drawstratified samples. All references can be downloaded with Zotero or asbibtex.

Queries can take into account a variety of parameters. For instance,one can search for 'any grammar or grammar sketch of a Semiticlanguage spoken in Africa published before 1998 where the author is'Ali':

Search languages:


Search references:


Combined search:

Example:- Choose 'Afro-Asiatic', 'Africa', 'Grammar' and enter 'Ali' in the authorfield. Click 'get references'. * The following references will be included in the page *
- Remove 'Ali' and try 'dual' in the 'contains' field *

Draw sample (takes some time, please do not try to draw very largesamples)


Glottolog/Langdoc is part of the Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud.For information about the Semantic Web aspects of Glottolog/Langdoc,see this page:

For a list of resources combined in Glottolog/Langdoc, see the creditspage.

Glottolog/Langdoc is far from complete and will be continuouslyupdated. If you have a bibliography for a particular area of the worldsitting in your drawer, we are happy to receive it and add it to theknowledge base.

We are also happy about error reports, which will be treated in a timelymanner.

Feedback is welcome.

Best wishes,

Sebastian Nordhoff (+Harald Hammarström, +Martin Haspelmath)

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