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Books: The Vedic ya-presents: Kulikov

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Date: 07-Jun-2012
From: Eric van Broekhuizen <>
Subject: The Vedic ya-presents: Kulikov
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Title: The Vedic ya-presents Subtitle: Passives and intransitivity in Old Indo-Aryan. Published: 2012 Publisher: Rodopi

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Author: Leonid Kulikov Electronic: ISBN: 9789401207973 Pages: 1024 Price: Europe EURO 190
Hardback: ISBN: 9789042035225 Pages: 1024 Price: Europe EURO 210

This book is the first comprehensive study of the Vedic present formationswith the suffix 'ya' (' 'ya'-presents' for short), including both presentpassives with the accented suffix 'yá' and non-passive -'ya'-presents withthe accent on the root (class IV in the Indian tradition). It offers acomplete survey of all 'ya'-presents attested in the Vedic corpus. Themain issue in the spotlight of this monograph is the relationship betweenform (accent placement, diathesis) and function (passive/non-passive) inthe system of the 'ya'-presents - one of the most solidly attested presentclasses in Sanskrit. One of the aims of the present study is to corroboratethe systematic correlation between accent placement and thepassive/non-passive distinction: passives bear the accent on the suffix,while non-passives have the accent on the root. The book also focuses onthe position of the passive within the system of voices andvalency-changing categories in Old Indo-Aryan.

ContentsPrefaceContentsAbbreviationsIntroductionVedic -'ya'-formations: preliminariesSyntactic and semantic preliminariesCorpus of texts and evaluation of evidenceThe structure of the survey of -'ya'-presentsA Survey of Vedic '-ya-' presentsMiddle -'ya'-presents with suffix accentuationMiddle -'ya'-presents with root accentuationMiddle -'ya'-presents with fluctuating accentuationUnaccented middle -'ya'-presentsActive -'ya'-presents'Cyáti' presents'A Systematic Analysis and Classification of -ya-presents'Morphophonological classes of -'ya'-stemsSemantics of -'ya'-presentsTransitivity alternations and paradigmatic oppositions within the system of-'ya'-presentsRemarks on paradigmatic properties of -'ya'-presents-'ya'-passives and other passive formationsDiathesis fluctuations in -'ya'-presentsVedic -'ya'-presents in a diachronic perspective'Appendices'Post-Vedic -'ya'-presents: a selectionVedic quasi-denominatives and their passives-'yá'-passives and other formations attested in the passive usage: a synopsis'Bibliography'TextsSecondary literatureAbbreviations'Indices'Index verborumIndex locorumIndex rerum

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics                             Morphology Language Family(ies): Indo-European
Written In: English (eng)

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