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Thu Jun 14 2012

Jobs: Comp Ling: Post Doc/Researcher, U of Aberdeen

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Date: 14-Jun-2012
From: Chris Mellish <>
Subject: Computational Linguistics: Post Doc/Researcher, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
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University or Organization: University of Aberdeen Department: Computing Science Job Location: Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom Web Address:
Job Rank: Post Doc

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics


The EPSRC-funded project 'WhatIf: Answering 'what if …?' Questions forOntology Authoring' is seeking to build a dialogue system allowing a personwho is building a semantic web ontology to ask 'what if …?' questions aboutpossible additions and changes to the ontology and get meaningful answers.This involves automated reasoning about what the consequences of achange in the ontology would be and intelligent presentation of the results.Because in general there will be infinitely many new logical consequences,the system will have to understand something about what the person is tryingto do and what sorts of results will be most interesting to them. It is assumedthat this information can best be provided by the person in the context of anatural dialogue system.

We are seeking a Computational Linguist to lead the theoretical and practicaldesign and development of the dialogue system (other researchers will beinvestigating issues of efficient reasoning and issues of how to model theprocess of ontology authoring). The dialogue system is expected to usestructured input (including an approach to specifying complex content basedon "editing" natural text (see paper by Power in European Workshop onNatural Language Generation 2009) rather than free natural language text orspeech, but nevertheless is required to be natural and to select and presentinformation coherently.

You should have, or be about to acquire, a PhD in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence/ Computational Linguistics, with experience of naturallanguage processing research at the postgraduate level and experience ofimplementing software for users. Research interests in conversationalimplicature/ relevance, logics and reasoning, dialogue moves and structures,the semantic web and requirements elicitation/ evaluation with users would allbe advantageous but are not essential.

For more information, please go to on "external applicants" and search for the post with reference number1253433. Application is online via that web site. Questions about the post,but not applications, can be sent to Chris Mellish at the email address below.

Application Deadline: 28-Jun-2012 Web Address for Applications:
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