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Fri Jun 29 2012

Diss: General Ling: Rababah: 'Language Planning and Terminology Management: Assessment...'

Editor for this issue: Lili Xia <>

Date: 29-Jun-2012
From: Hussein Rababah <>
Subject: Language Planning and Terminology Management: Assessment and dissemination of medical terminology in Jordan
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Institution: Birmingham City University Program: Linguistics Dissertation Status: Completed Degree Date: 2007

Author: Hussein Abdo Rababah

Dissertation Title: Language Planning and Terminology Management: Assessment and dissemination of medical terminology in Jordan

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Dissertation Director:
Howard Jackson
Dissertation Abstract:

Language planning and medical terminology management in Jordan isinvestigated as a case study, both qualitatively and quantitatively, fromthe perspective of general language planning and terminologymanagement theories and principles. English is the communicative andprofessional medical language in Jordan. Medical staff often switchfrom English to Arabic and vice versa. Arabic medical terminology,which is important for patient communication, is not properlystandardized. There is more than one Arabic medical equivalent for thesame medical concept, which causes ambiguity and confusion tolanguage users. The assumption of this study is that Arabic medicalterms are available, but they are not well disseminated. Codeswitching, bilingualism, euphemism, dysphemism, synonymy, termformation are discussed in their relation to language planning andterminology management.

The methodology includes attitudinal questionnaires for investigatingmedical language users' opinions and attitudes towards terminologymanagement, a translation form for evaluating the mechanisms forspreading Arabic medical terminology, a survey of medical dictionariesfor the availability of Arabic medical terminology, and interviews withthe people responsible for language planning and terminologymanagement. The expected benefits of having a standardized anddisseminated Arabic medical terminology include the enhancement ofcommunication between health care providers and users, thefacilitation of the translation process, the transfer of medical knowledgeto Jordan, an increase in the health awareness of people, andimproving the education of medical related careers. The researchconcludes that there is no organized strategy for innovating anddisseminating medical terminology in Jordan. The subjects aregenerally in favour of keeping English as the medical language as wellas having a standardised and disseminated Arabic medicalterminology. A practical strategy is proposed, and the terminologycommittee is recommended to appoint a Medical Terminology Monitorand a Liaison Person.

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