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Fri Jun 29 2012

Confs: Cognitive Science, Semantics/Italy

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Date: 29-Jun-2012
From: Margherita Donati <>
Subject: Semantic Representations in the Blind
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Semantic Representations in the Blind

Date: 05-Oct-2012 - 06-Oct-2012 Location: Pisa, Italy Contact: Giovanna Marotta Contact Email: < click here to access email > Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Semantics

Meeting Description:

This conference intends to provide insights on the semantic representations in congenitally blind people from the perspectives of linguistics, vision and cognitive neurosciences, focusing on two domains where the relationship between language, conceptual structure and senso-motory information is particularly relevant, i.e. concrete terms and spatial language.

The conference brings together an international and interdisciplinary pool of experts facing the topic from several theoretical and methodological approaches.

Furthermore, the results of the Italian PRIN project 2008 Semantic representations in the language of the blind: linguistic and neurocognitive studies will be presented and discussed.

The conference is co-organized by Giovanna Marotta (University of Pisa), Alessandro Lenci (University of Pisa) and Marco Baroni (University of Trento).

October 5, 2012


9.15-9.45G. Marotta (University of Pisa)Introduction

9.45-10.45K. Mcrae (University of Western Ontario)A Link between Familiarity Impairments in Recognition Memory and Impairments in Familiarity Assessment for Concepts Acquired over the Lifetime

10.45-11.00Coffee break

11.00-12.00A. Oliva (Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT)Visual Scene Understanding in Human and Machine Vision

12.00-13.00A. Lenci & M. Baroni (University of Pisa & University of Trento)Colorless Concepts: Semantic feature norms from the congenital blind


14.30-15.30J. Pustejovsky (Brandeis University)The Function of Space and the Space of Function

15.30-16.30M. L. Noordzij (University of Twente)On the Role of Visual Experience and Culture in Understanding and Giving Spatial Descriptions: Theories, empirical findings and possible applications

16.30-16.45Coffee break

16.45-17.45C. Iacobini (University of Salerno)Implicational Scales in Motion Event Encoding

17.45-18.45L. Meini & M. Donati (University of Pisa)Talking about Space: Evidence from blind and sighted people

20.00Social dinner

October 6, 2012

9.00-10.00P. Pietrini (University of Pisa)The Blind Brain

10.00-11.00T. Vecchi (University of Pavia)The Effect of Visual Impairment on Spatial Representations

11.00-11.15Coffee break

11.15-12.00E. Ricciardi, A. Lenci, G. Marotta (University of Pisa)
Neurosemantic Decoding in the Dark

12.00-13.00Panel on the social life of blind


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