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Thu Jul 05 2012

All: Announcing TalkBank’s Online Metadata Facility

Editor for this issue: Kristen Dunkinson <>

Date: 05-Jul-2012
From: Kristen Dunkinson <>
Subject: Announcing TalkBank’s Online Metadata Facility
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Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

We are pleased to announce Brian MacWhinney and TalkBank's onlinemetadata facility, MetaMaker. You can find it at

What is the MetaMaker?

The MetaMaker is a web form that will let you create a metadata record forthe existence of corpora that may be of interest to other researchers.Submitting corpora information to MetaMaker is also an easy way to create ametadata record that is then automatically harvested by the OLAC systemand made visible to the world through OLAC's search service. Currently, theform can only accept complete corpora as a single unit. In the future,TalkBank will implement a version of this page for the IMDI system, where itmay be possible to create a metadata entry for individual files.

What is OLAC?

OLAC is part of the Open Archives Initiative, a cross-disciplinary movementto make it easier for electronic archives to share information. OLAC is an"open archives" initiative designed specifically to make information aboutlanguage data and documentation easily available. More information aboutOLAC can be found at

What is the OLAC search engine?

In order to make linguistic data more accessible, the Open LanguageArchives Community (OLAC) has assembled an online database, similar to ahuge library catalog. In the catalog information is stored on languageresources, such as corpora, field notes, grammars, audio/video recordings,descriptive papers, and so on. Each metadata entry is stored in XML format,which organizes it so that it is easily understood by the OLAC search engine.You can visit the OLAC search engine at

If you should have any questions about the MetaMaker or entering yourcorpora into the system please send an email to Brian MacWhinney (macw atcmu dot edu).

Best Regards,

Kristen DunkinsonLINGUIST List Managing Editor

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