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Books: Online Second Language Acquisition: Tudini

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Date: 04-Jul-2012
From: Ellena Moriarty <>
Subject: Online Second Language Acquisition: Tudini
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Title: Online Second Language Acquisition Subtitle: Conversation Analysis of Online Chat Published: 2012 Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd

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Author: Vincenza Tudini Paperback: ISBN: 1441119434 9781441119438 Pages: 272 Price: U.K. £ 27.99

Please note: This is a new edition of a previously announced text.

A book-length exploration of the role of online chat in supporting the teachingand learning of foreign languages is well overdue. Tudini's new book takes aConversation Analysis approach, which is new to online Second LanguageAcquisition. It provides observable, previously undocumented insights intohow native speakers and learners pursue the learning of foreign language andculture during online text chat.

It looks at dyadic chat between native speakers and learners, with examplesdrawn from a corpus featuring 133 learners and 584 native speakers ofItalian. This unique book contributes to our understanding of howconversation in a foreign language unfolds between native speakers andlearners in an online social environment, rather than in the classroom.

It will be of interest to researchers in second language acquisition andconversation analysis, as well as language teachers.

"This book pushes research on computer-mediated language learning intonew directions. It argues that engaging in web-based chat with nativespeakers provides opportunities for sustained language learning. VincenzaTudini uses Conversation Analysis techniques to present a detailed and well-argued analysis which demonstrates where opportunities for learning are to befound in chat and how such interactions contribute to learning. This book isan important contribution both for those interested in the use of technology inlanguage education and for those who wish to use microanalysis ofinteraction to understand processes of acquisition." Tony Liddicoat, Professorin Applied Linguistics, University of South Australia, Australia

Contents: Acknowledgements \ List of Abbreviations \ 1. Introduction: onlineintercultural talk-in-interaction \ 2. Towards a definition of online interculturalchat: insights from SLA \ 3. Turn-taking, adjacency pairs and sequencing \ 4.Conversational repair in online intercultural chat: initiation and resolution byself or other \ 5. Other-repair in online intercultural chat: when native speakersdo correction \ 6. Mitigation and play in repair sequences: native speakers &learners constructing intersubjectivity \ 7. Insights from unsuccessful repairsequences \ 8. Implications for SLA research and language teaching \ 9.Integrating online chat in foreign language programs: suggestions andresources \ Appendix 1. Full extended chat session of one native speaker-learner dyad including papaveri sequence \ Appendix 2. Complete briefmultiple chat sessions of one learner, including sono andata sopra sequence\ Appendix 3. Instructions on how to access Facebook chat \ Bibliography \Index

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics                             Language Acquisition
Written In: English (eng)

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