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Wed Jul 11 2012

Books: Typology of Concessive Constructions: Xrakovskij (Ed)

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Date: 11-Jul-2012
From: Ulrich Lueders <>
Subject: Typology of Concessive Constructions: Xrakovskij (Ed)
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Title: Typology of Concessive Constructions Series Title: LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 50 Published: 2012 Publisher: Lincom GmbH

Editor: Viktor S. Xrakovskij Hardback: ISBN: 9783862885107 Pages: 584 Price: Europe EURO 186.00

This collective monograph by the Language Typology Workshop of the St.Petersburg Institute of Linguistic Research (Russian Academy of Sciences)proposes a study of concessive constructions in different languages from asingle theoretical perspective. The monograph was prepared under a generalresearch program adopted in the Laboratory as of the 1960s and focused onthe grammatical verb categories related to the semantic and syntacticsentence structure. It continues the earlier collective monographs publishedunder this program.

The volume consists of two parts and two appendices. Part 1 includes onechapter which sets forth the theoretical concept underlying all linguisticanalyses provided in the collective monograph. The concept was developedas a device to describe concessive constructions in any language in a formwhich makes it possible to explicitly show both the common (above all,semantic) properties and typological (above all, formal) differences amongconcessive sentences attested in both related and unrelated languages. Inaddition, Chapter 1 provides a description of prototypical and marginal typesof concessive constructions and proposes two multidimensional calculusclassifications for concessive and concessive-conditional constructions.

Part 2 consists of three sections and 20 chapters on concessiveconstructions in various natural languages. The descriptions are to a largeextent uniform, since they are based on the same typological questionnaire.The languages addressed in detail include: Bulgarian, Armenian, Early Latin,French, English, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Hausa, Indonesian,Cambodian, Vietnamese, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Greek, Turkic languages,Even, Evenki, Eskimo, Japanese, and Agul (a Daghestanian language).Appendix 1 proposes a study of a concessive-conditional construction inRussian.

Appendix 2 presents a universal typological questionnaire on concessiveconstructions used as a yardstick for all descriptions provided in Part 2. Thequestionnaire has several sections, each addressing a separate set of issueswith a preliminary brief description of those issues illustrated with examplesfrom various languages and followed with relevant questions.

Linguistic Field(s): Typology
Subject Language(s): Aghul (agx)                             Armenian (hye)                             Bulgarian (bul)                             Chinese, Old (och)                             English (eng)                             Estonian (est)                             Even (eve)                             Finnish (fin)                             French (fra)                             Hausa (hau)                             Hungarian (hun)                             Indonesian (ind)                             Japanese (jpn)                             Kalaallisut (kal)                             Khmer, Northern (kxm)                             Latin (lat)                             Vietnamese (vie)
Written In: English (eng)

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