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Tue Jul 17 2012

Qs: Space/Time Reference in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Editor for this issue: Zac Smith <>

Date: 16-Jul-2012
From: Keyi Sun <>
Subject: Space/Time Reference in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
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I am a phd student in psycholinguistics, recently studying how time-related metaphors are embodied into directions. I am using Englishspeakers as a control group. one of the participants is from Denmark,who can speak Danish, English, and understands Norwegian andSwedish, and I am considering how the other languages might haveeffects on his perception of time-direction relationships.

As in English, we know future is front, and past is back, but thisdirection-time relation differs depending on languages. Do Danish,Norwegian and Swedish have a similar structure between space andtime? Or do any one of them might have a future-back, past-frontrelationship, or any lexcial item in time-related expression might usedifferent word? For example, in some languages the expression 'aweek front' may mean a week ago, but in other languages it may meana week later.

Any resources related to this topic would be greatly appreciated.


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