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Fri Jul 27 2012

Confs: Linguistic Theories, Morphology, Psycholing, Syntax, Typology/Germany

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Date: 27-Jul-2012
From: Fabian Heck <>
Subject: Decomposition and Natural Classes in Argument Coding
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Decomposition and Natural Classes in Argument Coding

Date: 06-Sep-2012 - 07-Sep-2012 Location: Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany Contact: Martin Haspelmath Contact Email: < click here to access email > Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories; Morphology; Psycholinguistics; Syntax; Typology

Meeting Description:

In this workshop we aim to bring together researchers working on argument coding. There will be a particular focus on decomposition and on the role of natural classes.

Generalizations of argument coding are often not apparent by looking at entire verbs, coding elements, verb meanings or constructions, but only when these items are decomposed into their constituent parts or elementary features. This decomposition is often not obvious and may require considerable abstraction. The workshop should address ways in which such decomposition is best achieved. Using the constituent features, one can group verbs or coding elements into natural classes which behave alike with respect to some other phenomenon. Such natural classes will be another focus of the workshop.

The participants of the workshop will include the members of the research unit Grammar and Processing of Verbal Arguments and a number of invited speakers.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend the talks. If you plan to attend the workshop, please register by sending an e-mail to Martin Haspelmath ( so that we can take you into consideration while preparing the handouts, etc.

The workshop will take place at Leipzig University, Universitätsstraße, Seminargebäude, room 402 and/or 420.

Preliminary Program

September, 6th (Thursday)


8:40-9:30Pavel Caha (U Tromsø)Genitive Singular and Nominative Plural: Mystery solved?

9:30-10:20Anke Assmann, Doreen Georgi & Philipp Weisser (U Leipzig)Argument Encoding and Its Consequences for Displacement

10:20-10:50Coffee break

10:50-11:40Linnaea Stockall(U London) TBA

11:40-12:30Martina Penke (U Köln) TBA


14:00-14:50Antje Roßdeutscher (U Stuttgart)Prepositional Elements in a DM/DRT-based Syntax-Semantics Interface

14:50-15:40Petr Biskup & Gerhild Zybatow (U Leipzig)Verbal Prefixation in Slavonic

15:40-16:10Coffee break

16:10-16:40Michael Cysouw (U Marburg)Visualizing the Typology of Natural Classes

16:40-17:10Sebastian Bank & Jochen Trommer (U Leipzig)Integrated Learning of Segmentation and Morphosyntactic Features

17:10-17:50Daniel Harbour(Queen Mary London) TBA

19:00 Conference dinner at Cafe Grundmann

September, 7th (Friday)

8:40-9:30Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky & Jona Sassenhagen(U Marburg) TBA

9:30-10:20Alena Witzlack-Makarevich(U Zürich) TBA

10:20-10:50Coffee break

10:50-11:30Joshua Birchall (U Nijmegen)Valency in South American Languages

11:30-12:10John P. Boyle (NE Illinois U)Valency and the Hidatsa Dative

12:10-12:30Iren Hartmann, Martin Haspelmath & Alexander Jahraus (MPI-EVA)An Update on the Valency Classes Database


14:00-14:50Dorothee Fehrmann, Uwe Junghanns & Denisa Lenertová (U Göttingen/Leipzig)Decomposing Decausatives

14:50-15:40Artemis Alexiadou(U Stuttgart) TBA

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