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Mon Dec 03 2012

Books: Semiotic Margins: Dreyfus, Hood, Stenglin (Eds)

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Date: 30-Nov-2012
From: Ellena Moriarty <>
Subject: Semiotic Margins: Dreyfus, Hood, Stenglin (Eds)
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Title: Semiotic MarginsSubtitle: Meaning in MultimodalitiesPublication Year: 2012Publisher: Bloomsbury Linguistics (formerly Continuum Linguistics)

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Editor: Shoshana DreyfusEditor: Susan HoodEditor: Maree Stenglin

Paperback: ISBN: 1441192875 9781441192875 Pages: 288 Price: U.K. £ 29.99


Semiotic Margins analyses the meaning making potential of not only language,but modalities like laughter, music, colour, and architectural spaces. Byexamining resources often positioned on the side-line of mainstream semioticaccounts, this study raises the question of what counts as part of languageand communication and why.

Beginning with the more established nonverbal resources of communication, fourmajor themes of modalities of meaning are covered. The investigation of musicand space looks at how semiotic systems in classical music interact. Usingchildren's books, the relationship between images and verbal meaning isthen explored, presenting implications for student literacy as well as amethodology for supporting children excluded from mainstream literarypractices. Finally new approaches to transcribing representations inscreen-based technologies are presented through an examination of televisionadvertisements.

Semiotic Margins will appeal to linguists and semioticians wishing to pursueresearch in systemic functional linguistics and multimodal discourse analysis.

Contents: Introduction Shoshana Dreyfus, Susan Hood, Maree Stenglin \ Part IBeyond Paralinguistics \ 1. The interpersonal semiotics of having a laughNaomi Knight \ 2. Body language in face-to-face teaching: A focus on textualand interpersonal meaning Susan Hood \ 3. Grappling with a non-speechlanguage: Describing and theorizing the nonverbal multimodal communication ofa child with an intellectual disability Shoshana Dreyfus \ Part II: Evolvingaccounts of space and music \ 4. Spaced Out: An evolving cartography of avisceral semiotic Maree Stenglin \ 5. Dealing with musical meaning: Towardsan embodied model of music Ed MacDonald \ Part III: Intermodality between thevisual, verbal and aural \ 6. Organizing visual meaning: FRAMING and BALANCEin picture book images Clare Painter, J.R. Martin, Len Unsworth \ 7.Integrating visual and verbal meaning in multimodal text comprehension:Towards a model of inter-modal relations Eveline Chan \ 8. Rhythm andmultimodal semiosis Theo van Leeuwen\ 9. Meaning beyond the margins: Learningto interact with books David Rose\ Part IV:Imaging representations of meaning\10. Visualizing logogenesis: Preserving the dynamics of meaning MicheleZappavigna\ 11. Visualizing Multimodal Patterning David Caldwell & MicheleZappavigna\ Conclusion: Multimodal semiotics: Theoretical challenges J.R.Martin \ Index

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis Semiotics Systemic Functional Linguistics

Written In: English (eng)

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