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Mon Dec 03 2012

Books: New Trends in Corpora and Language Learning: Frankenberg-Garcia, Flowerdew, Aston (Eds)

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Date: 30-Nov-2012
From: Ellena Moriarty <>
Subject: New Trends in Corpora and Language Learning: Frankenberg-Garcia, Flowerdew, Aston (Eds)
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Title: New Trends in Corpora and Language LearningSeries Title: Corpus and Discourse

Publication Year: 2012Publisher: Bloomsbury Linguistics (formerly Continuum Linguistics)

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Editor: Ana Frankenberg-GarciaEditor: Lynne FlowerdewEditor: Guy Aston

Paperback: ISBN: 144118211X 9781441182111 Pages: 304 Price: U.K. £ 27.99


This book provides an up-to-date snapshot of recent research and developmentsin the use of corpora for language learning and teaching. It is divided intothree parts. Part I focusses on innovative uses of corpora by languageteachers and learners. These cover the world's first corpus-based TVprogram for the teaching of English conversation, as well as corpus-basedapproaches to the teaching of EAP, cultural studies and translation. Part IIfocuses on new corpus-based tools for LSP learning. Part III illustratesresearch findings from corpora consisting of language learner data anddiscusses their implications for language teaching and learning. It willappeal to scholars in both language teaching and learning and corpus andcomputational linguistics.

"In this collection we see how corpora can bring benefits to students in suchdiverse areas as translation studies, academic writing and general languageeducation. The chapters also remind us of how valuable it is to use corpustools to investigate learner language and – centrally – of how and why onemight put the tools for investigating language corpora into the hands oflearners themselves. This is essential reading for language teachers andresearchers with an interest in the direction of travel of corpus applicationsin language education. The volume helps us to understand where we have comefrom and points out those areas where we are likely to see the most value infuture work in the investigation and use of corpus data in foreign languageteaching and learning." Christopher Tribble, Lecturer in Applied Linguistics,Department of Education and Professional Studies King's College, London, UK

Contents: Introduction \ Preface by Lou Burnard \ Part I. Corpora withlanguage learners \ 1. TALC in action: recent innovations in corpus-basedEnglish language teaching in Japan Yukio Tono \ 2. Using a corpus to teachrhetorical functions: students' evaluation of a hands-on concordancingapproach Maggie Charles \ 3. Tracing the Emo side of life: using a corpus ofan alternative youth culture discourse to teach cultural studies BernhardKettemann \ 4.Working with different corpora in translation teaching NatalieKübler \ 5. A guided collaboration tool for online concordancing with EAPlearners Przemyslaw Kaszubski \ Part II. Corpora for language learners \ 6. Acorpus-based approach to automatic feedback for learners' miscollocationsAnne Li-E Liu, David Wible and Nai-Lung Tsao \ 7. Multimodalfunctional-notional concordancing Francesca Coccetta \ 8. Academic languageand corpus integration in context-based MT Alejandro Curado Fuentes \ 9. UsingCorpora in the Learning and Teaching of Phraseological Variation Martin Warren\ 10. The SACODEYL search tool: exploiting corpora for language learningpurposes Johannes Widmann, Kurt Kohn and Ramon Ziai \ Part III. Corpora bylanguage learners: learner language \ 11. Oral learner corpora and assessmentof speaking skills John Osborne \ 12. Positive and negative evaluation innative and learner speech Sylvie De Cock \ 13. BAWE: an introduction to a newresource Hilary Nesi \ 14. Exploring the marking of stance in argumentativeessays written by EFL learners and native speakers of English Anna-MariaHatzitheodorou and Marina Mattheoudakis \ 15. Polishing papers forpublication: palimpsests or procrustean beds? John McKenny and Karen Bennett \Bibliography \ Index

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics Computational Linguistics

Written In: English (eng)

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