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Books: Agreement, Pronominal Clitics and Negation in Tamazight Berber: Ouali

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Date: 30-Nov-2012
From: Ellena Moriarty <>
Subject: Agreement, Pronominal Clitics and Negation in Tamazight Berber: Ouali
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Title: Agreement, Pronominal Clitics and Negation in Tamazight BerberSubtitle: A Unified AnalysisSeries Title: Bloomsbury Studies in Theoretical Linguistics

Publication Year: 2012Publisher: Bloomsbury Linguistics (formerly Continuum Linguistics)

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Author: Hamid Ouali

Paperback: ISBN: 144117933X 9781441179333 Pages: 208 Price: U.K. £ 24.99


This book presents a study of various important aspects of Tamazight Berbersyntax within the generative tradition. Work on Berber linguistics from agenerative perspective remains in many ways uncharted territory. There hasbeen hardly any published research on this language and its differentdialects, especially in English -- this book fills some of these gaps and laysdown the foundations for further research.Ouali looks at three seeminglydisparate ranges of syntactic phenomena, namely Subject-verb agreement,Clitic-doubling and Negative Concord. These phenomena have received differentanalytical treatments, but Ouali proposes that they are all forms of agreementderived under the same Chomskian 'Agree' mechanism. The book addresses afundamental question in the ongoing debate in recent Minimalism with regard tohow subject-verb agreement is obtained and proposes a new analysis of theso-called Anti-Agreement Effect. It will be of interest to all syntacticiansand to researchers in Afroasiatic languages.

"This book is an important 'must read' contribution both to contemporarysyntactic theory and to the description and analysis of understudied Berberdialects. It illuminates fundamental aspects of syntactic theory andMinimalist method analyzing phenomena of enduring interest, including (Anti-)Agreement, Cliticization and Negative Concord while insightfully revealingtheir possible unification and deduction as facilitated by adopting andfurther clarifying certain central formal aspects of current Minimalistanalysis." Samuel D. Epstein, Professor of Linguistics, University ofMichigan, USA

Contents: 1. Introduction \ 2. Background on the Berber language \ 3.Agreement: from GB to Minimalism \ 4. Tamazight verb morphology and clausestructure \ 5. Subject verb agreement and agreement suppression effects \ 6.Object pronominal clitics \ 7. Clitic doubling \ 8. Negative concord \ 9.Agreement suppression effects and unification via agree \ Conclusion \Bibliography \ Index

Linguistic Field(s): Grammar Morphology Syntax

Language Family(ies): Berber

Written In: English (eng)

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