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Wed Feb 01 2012

TOC: Studies in Language 35/4 (2011)

Editor for this issue: Justin Petro <>

Date: 31-Jan-2012
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: Studies in Language Vol. 35, No. 4 (2011)
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Publisher: John Benjamins

Journal Title: Studies in Language Volume Number: 35 Issue Number: 4 Issue Date: 2011

Main Text:

2011. iv, 235 pp.

Table of Contents


Anna Siewierska (1955–2011)737–738

A cross-linguistic study of grammatically-dependent question tags: Data andtheoretical implicationsKarin Axelsson793–851

On thetical grammarGunther Kaltenböck, Bernd Heine and Tania Kuteva852–897

Van Linden, An; Jean-Christophe Verstraete & Kristin Davidse (eds.). 2010.Formal evidence in grammaticalizationReviewed by Heiko Narrog913–926

Zúñiga, Fernando & Seppo Kittilä (eds.). 2010. Benefactives and Malefactives:Typological perspectives and case studies.Reviewed by Rachel Nordlinger927–934

Dum-Tragut, Jasmine. 2009. ArmenianReviewed by Wolfgang Schulze935–944

Amiridze, Nino, Boyd H. Davis & Margaret Maclagan (eds.). 2010. Fillers, Pausesand PlaceholdersReviewed by Laurel Smith Stvan945–950

Jackendoff, Ray. 2010. Meaning and the lexicon: The parallel architecture 1975–2010Reviewed by John R. Taylor951–959

Anderson, Gregory D. S. (ed.) 2008. The Munda LanguagesReviewed by Anna Pucilowski and Eric Pederson960–969

News from the Field

Body divisions in Great Andamanese: Possessive classification, the semantics ofinherency and grammaticalizationAnvita Abbi739–792

Dual marking and kinship terms in AfittiAlex de Voogt898-911

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis                             Morphology                             Pragmatics                             Semantics                             Typology
Subject Language(s): Afitti (aft)                             Ama (nyi)                             Armenian (hye)                             English (eng) Language Family(ies): Great Andamanese                             Munda

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