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Wed Dec 12 2012

Books: Audiovisual Speech Processing: Perrier, Vatikiotis-Bateson, Bailly (Eds)

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Date: 29-Nov-2012
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Audiovisual Speech Processing: Perrier, Vatikiotis-Bateson, Bailly (Eds)
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Title: Audiovisual Speech ProcessingPublication Year: 2012Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Editor: Pascal PerrierEditor: Eric Vatikiotis-BatesonEditor: Gérard Bailly

Hardback: ISBN: 9781107006829 Pages: 506 Price: U.S. $ 120.00


When we speak, we configure the vocal tract which shapes the visible motionsof the face and the patterning of the audible speech acoustics. Similarly, weuse these visible and audible behaviors to perceive speech. This bookshowcases a broad range of research investigating how these two types ofsignals are used in spoken communication, how they interact, and how they canbe used to enhance the realistic synthesis and recognition of audible andvisible speech. The volume begins by addressing two important questions abouthuman audio-visual performance: how auditory and visual signals combine toaccess the mental lexicon and where in the brain this and related processestake place. It then turns to the production and perception of multimodalspeech and how structures are coordinated within and across the twomodalities. Finally, the book presents overviews and recent developments inmachine-based speech recognition and synthesis of AV speech.

Table of Contents:

1. Three puzzles of multimodal speech perception R. E. Remez2. Visual speech perception L. E. Bernstein3. Dynamic information for face perception K. Lander and V. Bruce4. Investigating auditory-visual speech perception development D. Burnham andK. Sekiyama5. Brain bases for seeing speech: FMRI studies of speechreading R. Campbelland M. MacSweeney6. Temporal organization of cued speech production D. Beautemps, M.-A.Cathiard, V. Attina and C. Savariaux7. Bimodal perception within the natural time-course of speech productionM.-A. Cathiard, A. Vilain, R. Laboissière, H. Loevenbruck, C. Savariaux andJ.-L. Schwartz8. Visual and audiovisual synthesis and recognition of speech by computers N.M. Brooke and S. D. Scott9. Audiovisual automatic speech recognition G. Potamianos, C. Neti, J. Luettinand I. Matthews10. Image-based facial synthesis M. Slaney and C. Bregler11. A trainable videorealistic speech animation system T. Ezzat, G. Geiger andT. Poggio12. Animated speech: research progress and applications D. W. Massaro, M. M.Cohen, M. Tabain, J. Beskow and R. Clark13. Empirical perceptual-motor linkage of multimodal speech E.Vatikiotis-Bateson and K. G. Munhall14. Sensorimotor characteristics of speech production G. Bailly, P. Badin, L.Revéret and A. Ben Youssef.

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science Phonetics Pragmatics

Written In: English (eng)

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