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Books: Clitics: Luis, Spencer

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Date: 30-Nov-2012
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Subject: Clitics: Luis, Spencer
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Title: CliticsSubtitle: An IntroductionSeries Title: Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics

Publication Year: 2012Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Author: Andrew SpencerAuthor: Ana Luis

Hardback: ISBN: 9780521864282 Pages: 388 Price: U.S. $ 105.00Paperback: ISBN: 9780521682923 Pages: 388 Price: U.S. $ 39.99


In most languages we find 'little words' which resemble a full word, but whichcannot stand on their own. Instead they have to 'lean on' a neighbouring word,like the 'd, 've and unstressed 'em of Kim'd've helped'em ('Kim would havehelped them'). These are clitics, and they are found in most of the world'slanguages. In English the clitic forms appear in the same place in thesentence that the full form of the word would appear in but in many languagesclitics obey quite separate rules of placement. This book is the firstintroduction to clitics, providing a complete summary of their properties,their uses, the reasons why they are of interest to linguists and the varioustheoretical approaches that have been proposed for them. The book describes awhole host of clitic systems and presents data from over 100 languages.

Table of Contents

1. Preliminaries2. The functions of clitics3. Types of clitic system4. Clitics and phonology5. Clitics and morphology6. Clitics and syntax7. Clitics, affixes and words8. Approaches to clitics9. Envoi

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology Phonology Syntax

Written In: English (eng)

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