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Books: Modified Issue: The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Code Switching: Bullock, Toribio (Eds)

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Date: 29-Nov-2012
From: Joyce Reid <>
Subject: Modified Issue: The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Code Switching: Bullock, Toribio (Eds)
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Title: The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Code SwitchingSeries Title: Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics

Publication Year: 2012Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Book URL:

Editor: Barbara E. BullockEditor: Almeida Jacqueline Toribio

Paperback: ISBN: 9781107605411 Pages: 436 Price: U.S. $ 50.00: ISBN: 9780521875912 Pages: 438 Price: U.S. $ 156.00


Please Note: This issue has been modified to reflect a corrected book description.

Please Note: This is a new paperback version of a previously announced book.

Code-switching – the alternating use of two languages in the same stretch ofdiscourse by a bilingual speaker – is a dominant topic in the study ofbilingualism and a phenomenon that generates a great deal of pointeddiscussion in the public domain. This handbook provides the most comprehensiveguide to this bilingual phenomenon to date. Drawing on empirical data from awide range of language pairings, the leading researchers in the study ofbilingualism examine the linguistic, social and cognitive implications ofcode-switching in up-to-date and accessible survey chapters. The CambridgeHandbook of Linguistic Code-switching will serve as a vital resource foradvanced undergraduate and graduate students, as a wide-ranging overview forlinguists, psychologists and speech scientists and as an informative guide foreducators interested in bilingual speech practices.

Table of Contents

1. Themes in the study of code-switching Barbara E. Bullock and AlmeidaJacqueline Toribio

Part I. Conceptual and Methodological Considerations in Code-switchingResearch:

2. Research techniques for the study of code-switching Marianne Gullberg,Peter Indefrey and Pieter Muysken3. On the notions of congruence and convergence in code-switching Mark Sebba4. Code-switching and transfer: an exploration of similarities and differencesJeanine Treffers-Daller5. Loan translations versus code-switching Ad Backus and Margreet Dorleijn

Part II. Social Aspects of Code-switching:

6. Sociolinguistic factors in code-switching Penelope Gardner-Chloros7. The Conversation Analytic model of code-switching Joseph Gafaranga8. Code-switching and the internet Margreet Dorleijn and Jacomine Nortier9. Phonetic accommodation in children's code-switching Ghada Khattab

Part III. The Structural Implications of Code-switching:

10. Phonetic reflexes of code-switching Barbara E. Bullock11. Code-switching between typologically distinct languages Brian Hok-ShingChan12. Language mixing in bilingual children: code-switching? Natascha Müller andKatja Francesca Cantone13. Code-switching between sign languages David Quinto-Pozos

Part IV. Psycholinguistics and Code-switching:

14. Code-switching and language disorders in bilingual children Adele W.Miccio, Carol Scheffner Hammer and Bárbara Rodríguez15. Code-switching, imperfect acquisition, and attrition Agnes Bolonyai16. Code-switching and the bilingual mental lexicon Longxing Wei17. Code-switching and the brain Marta Kutas, Eva Moreno and Nicole Wicha

Part V. Formal Models of Code-switching:

18. Generative approaches to code-switching Jeff MacSwan19. A universal model of code-switching and bilingual language processing andproduction Carol Myers-Scotton and Janice Jake

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics Sociolinguistics

Written In: English (eng)

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