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Fri Feb 17 2012

Calls: Discourse Analysis, Socioling, Comp Ling, Pragmatics/Cuba

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Date: 16-Feb-2012
From: Leonel Ruiz Miyares <>
Subject: 13th International Symposium on Social Communication
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Full Title: 13th International Symposium on Social Communication Short Title: ISSC
Date: 21-Jan-2013 - 25-Jan-2013 Location: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Contact Person: Leonel Ruiz Miyares
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Web Site:
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; General Linguistics; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics

Call Deadline: 01-Jul-2012

Meeting Description:

The Centre for Applied Linguistics of the Santiago de Cuba's branch of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment, is pleased to announce the 13th International Symposium on Social Communication. The event will be held in Santiago de Cuba, January 21-25, 2013. This interdisciplinary event will focus on social communication processes from the points of view of Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Medicine, Mass Media, and Art, Ethnology and Folklore.

Activities that will take place within the event are:

Pre-Symposium seminarsDiscussion of papers in commissionsKeynote speechesBooks presentationCultural activities

Pre-Symposium Seminars:

The Symposium will be preceded by two seminars that will be taught by prestigious specialists. The seminars will take place Monday, January 21, 2013.

The courses will be given by:

Profa. Dra. Esther ForgasUniversity Rovira i VirgiliTarragona, Spain

IXA GroupBasque Country UniversityBasque Country, Spain

Participants should say in advance what pre-symposium seminars they want to take part in. An additional fee of 25.00 Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) will be charged for each seminar. Participation certificates will be available.

Keynote Speeches:

During the symposium several keynote speeches will be delivered. Until now are confirmed:

Prof. Dr. Kathleen WermkeW├╝rzburg UniversityW├╝rzburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Anton NijholtTwente UniversityEnschede, The Netherlands

Registration Fee:

Speakers and Delegates: 200.00 CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos)Companions: 100.00 CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos)

Payment of the fee must be sent via bank transfer to the bank account to be announce opportunely and it covers a copy of the Proceedings where your paper is printed, all other documentation related to the event, speaker's certificate, welcome cocktail and other cultural activities. Companions will have access to all of the above, except copies of the Proceedings.


The Organizing Committee guarantees accommodation in 3, 4, and 5 star hotels with preferential prices for participants in the event.

Call for Papers:

The deadline of submission of papers is July 1, 2012. The papers should not exceed 5 pages. Notification of acceptance of a paper by the Symposium's Scientific Committee will be sent before July 31, 2012.


To enable the Organizing Committee to include the Proceedings as part of the Symposium's documentation - as we did in the 5th ('97), 6th ('99), 7th ('01), 8th ('03), 9th ('05), 10th ('07), 11th ('09) and 12th ('11) Symposiums - accepted papers must be sent before August 31, 2012 if the Scientific Committee had done some observations.

Requirements for Papers:

1. The paper will not exceed 5 pages including graphics, footnotes and bibliography.

2. It should be written using Word 6.0 or Word 7.0 for Windows and sent to the Symposium's Executive Secretary via email as attached file.

3. Each page must be written in an A4 format with left, right, top, and bottom margin of 2.5 cm.

4. The paper must be written in one of the event's official languages: Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.

5. The pages of the text should be unnumered.

Instructions for Paper Submission:

1. Write down the authors' names, one under the other, at the left top of the first page, all in Arial bold capital letters, 9 points (Word 6.0 or 7.0). Under the author's name(s) should appear in bold (only initials capital letters) the institution, city, country and email address.

2. In a separate line, at the center, the title of the paper must be written in Arial bold, italics, 10 points size letters.

3. The text will follow - not in bold - with the same Arial letter, 9 points size and leaving one space between lines.

4. Paragraphs will have no indentation. Spaces between paragraphs will be of 1.5 points.

5. Section titles will be written in Arial bold, 9 points size and sub-sections titles will be written in Arial Italic, 8 points size.

6. Footnotes will appear at the end of each page in Arial 8 points size letters.

Presentation time will be 15 minutes.

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