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Mon Feb 27 2012

What is LINGUIST worth to you?

Editor for this issue: Matthew Lahrman <>

Date: 27-Feb-2012
From: linguist <>
Subject: A Message from our Project Coordinator
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Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

Every year, many of you use our website to gain vital andinteresting news about the latest developments in the field.Many of you use this news to find great new books or readnew articles; professors and students alike, you have used theLINGUIST List to stimulate new ideas and keep up with researchrelated to areas of your expertise. And we provide all but afew of our services absolutely free of charge.

As project coordinator here, I have been part of all facets ofthe LINGUIST List and I know how much effort is put intoproviding services for the linguistic community. Another detailI've noticed is that those who participate in our Fund Drivetend to already know this and tell others about it. For those ofyou haven't yet contributed but who use LINGUIST List regularly,think about the benefits that it has brought to yourprofessional life or academic career. I would hazard to guessthat the total amount this has contributed to your life, yourcareer, and your intellect growth would be worth a donationof $15, $30, or even $50?

While many institutions provide crucial research in a specificarea of expertise, few can boast that they have made directcontributions to bringing scholars and information together andallowing them to share and publicize their ideas. This isessentially what we do, and without your support we cannotcontinue to maintain the high level of service that youhave grown accustomed to.

For the price of a meal out or coffee for a week you can help us
continue to provide crucial services for the discipline oflinguistics, services which I haven't found available for anyother academic discipline out there. Please donate $20 or $30today to help ensure that you can continue to enjoy theannouncements, book reviews, conferences, and many otherservices that we provide.


Matt Lahrman
Project Coordinator

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