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Mon Feb 27 2012

You Determine the Future of LINGUIST

Editor for this issue: Elyssa Winzeler <>

Date: 27-Feb-2012
From: LINGUIST List <>
Subject: You Determine the Future of LINGUIST
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Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

Our proposal to end Fund Drive in one day may sound very unrealistic to some of you.But if a small mailing list that began in Australia can grow to become the centralresource for a discipline for over twenty years, there must be an incredible realmof possibility. So far, we have already raised $2924.00, and we have 20 hours leftin this challenge. We are so excited by what you've helped us achieve here so far.What this proves is that YOU can decide how our Fund Drive and service progress.With a few clicks of the mouse and five dollars or more, you can secure the futureof LINGUIST List. To donate now, please click here:

That's all it takes to preserve features like our searchable jobs database, ourconference listings, and our publications archive. That's all it takes to maintainservices like EasyAbstracts, and to help us create new services based on your needs.We want to keep a world of relevant linguistic information available for you on onesite, no matter where you are and what your interest in linguistics may be. You canhelp us make this possible by donating today:

Again, we have special gifts available to make the most of our first day:

-A prize for everyone who donates, whether it's $5.00 or $500.00-2 prizes and a premium for anyone who donates over $35.00-A special thank you gift bonus to the highest donor for the day

You still have until 12:00 pm EST tomorrow to donate and take advantage of thisgreat opportunity!

Best regards,

The LINGUIST List Crew

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