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Mon Mar 04 2013

Confs: Ling Theories, Syntax, Semantics, Phonology/Sweden

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Date: 03-Mar-2013
From: Halldor Sigurdsson <>
Subject: Generative Linguistics in the Old World 36
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Generative Linguistics in the Old World 36 Short Title: GLOW 36

Date: 02-Apr-2013 - 06-Apr-2013 Location: Lund, Sweden Contact: Halldor Sigurdsson Contact Email: < click here to access email > Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories; Phonology; Semantics; Syntax

Meeting Description:

The 36th GLOW Colloquium will take place at Lund University from 2 to 6 April 2013 (Colloquium April 3-5, workshops April 2 and 6).

Host: SOL, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, supported by The Birgit Rausing Language Programme
Venue: SOL, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University

Main Colloquium, April 3-5: Theme free
Workshop 1, April 2: Biolinguistics
Workshop 2, April 2: Syntactic Variation and Change
Workshop 3, April 6: Diachronic Workings in Phonological Patterns
Workshop 4, April 6: Acquisition of Syntax in Close Varieties

For more information, see the conference website (the URL above).

An overview of the program (for details see:

April 3-5
Glow Colloquium
Organizers: The GRIMM group at SOL
Keynote speaker: Anders Holmberg, Newcastle (How to answer a negative question)

April 4
19:30: Conference Dinner, Grand Hotel

April 2Workshop 1: Biolinguistics
Organizers: GRIMM & Anna-Maria Di Sciullo, Université du Québec à Montréal
Invited speaker: Robert Berwick, MIT (Darwinian Linguistics)
Invited speaker: Charles Yang, UPenn (Tipping Points)

Workshop 2: Syntactic variation and change
Organizers: GRIMM & David Håkansson, Uppsala, Ida Larsson, Stockholm, Erik Magnusson Petzell, Stockholm
Invited speaker: Marit Westergaard, Tromsø (Microvariation as Diachrony)

April 6Workshop 3: Diachronic workings in phonological patterns
Organizers: GRIMM & Marc van Oostendorp, Leiden/Meertens Instituut, Tobias Scheer, Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Invited speaker: Patrick Honeybone, Edinburgh (TBA)

Workshop 4: Acquisition of syntax in close varieties
Organizers: GRIMM & Petra Bernardini, Jonas Granfelt, Gisela Håkansson, Tanja Kupisch, all at SOL
Invited speaker: Jason Rothman, Florida (Comparative Structural Determinism and Cognitive Economy: Evidence from L3 Transfer in Closely Related Language Pairings)

WARNING regarding accommodation!

The hotel situation in Lund is somewhat difficult so it is important that you make your room reservation as soon as possible. See the information at:

Alternatively you can find a hotel in Malmö (10-15 minutes train ride from central station to central station)

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