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Thu Mar 14 2013

Diss: Semantics/Krio/Pidgin, Nigerian: Corum: 'Locative Predication in Nigerian Pidgin and Ghanaian Pidgin English'

Editor for this issue: Lili Xia <>

Date: 14-Mar-2013
From: Micah Corum <>
Subject: Locative Predication in Nigerian Pidgin and Ghanaian Pidgin English
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Institution: Universit├Ąt Hamburg Program: Department of Languages, Literature and Media Dissertation Status: Completed Degree Date: 2012

Author: Micah Lee Corum

Dissertation Title: Locative Predication in Nigerian Pidgin and Ghanaian Pidgin English

Linguistic Field(s): Semantics
Subject Language(s): Krio (kri)                             Pidgin, Nigerian (pcm)
Dissertation Director:
Peter Siemund Nicholas G. Faraclas
Dissertation Abstract:

The research presented in this thesis provides insight into four areas in the studyof locative predication in Nigerian Pidgin and Ghanaian Pidgin English.

Chapter 1 surveys typological aspects of locative predication among Atlantic,Mande, Kru, Benue-Kwa, Ijoid, and Portuguese-lexifier creole and English-lexifierpidgin and creole languages. It discusses aspects of locative predication in thepidgin and creoles languages that are derived from areal features in Niger-Congolanguages.

Chapter 2 introduces semantic typology to the study of West African pidgin andcreole languages. It discusses nominal-derived spatial grams in GhanaianStudent Pidgin and reveals motivations and constraints on the use of 'for' in thedescription of topological spatial relations.

Chapter 3 analyzes polysemous locative functions of 'for' in Nigerian Pidgin andGhanaian Pidgin English from a cognitive linguistic perspective. The studyfocuses on extended uses of 'for' that include associative functions when theitem co-occurrs with the locative copula 'de'.

Chapter 4 contributes to the sociohistorical study of 'for' and lends support to theargument that, as a general spatial gram, 'for' is comparable to locativestructures in Niger-Congo coastal languages.

Chapter 5 revisits each of the chapters in the thesis to highlight the mostimportant findings, to comment on issues that are still pending, and to suggestavenues for future research on the study of locative predication in West AfricanEnglish-lexifier pidgin and creole languages.

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