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Wed Mar 27 2013

Summer Schools: Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics/ Leiden, Netherlands

Editor for this issue: Caylen Cole-Hazel <>

Date: 26-Mar-2013
From: Tina Janssen <>
Subject: Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics/ Leiden, Netherlands
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Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics/ Leiden, Netherlands

Host Institution: Leiden University Centre for LinguisticsWebsite:

Dates: 15-Jul-2013 - 26-Jul-2013Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Focus: The Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics offers a number ofcourses on a wide range of subjects taught by internationally renowned specialists inthe field of linguistics.Minimum Education Level: Undergraduate

Special Qualifications:All courses are taught in English, which means that good knowledge of the Englishlanguage is a basic requirement. The courses of the Russian Programme are taught inRussian.

Description:In 2013, the Summer School will consist of nine programmes, each with its owncourses (see below):

- Germanic programme * Old English - Marcelle Cole (Leiden) * Introduction to Comparative Germanic Linguistics - Guus Kroonen (Copenhagen) * Historical Development of Dutch - Michiel de Vaan (Leiden)

-Indo-European Programme [beginners] * Venetic - Michael Weiss (Cornell University) * Historical Grammar of Latin - Michael Weiss (Cornell University) * An introductory course on Sanskrit and its historical grammar - Leonid Kulikov (Gent/Leiden) * Introduction to Proto-Indo-European Phonology and Morphology - Lucien van Beek (Leiden)

- Indo-European Programme [advanced] * Slavic Historical Phonology - Tijmen Pronk (Zagreb) * Lycian - Karl Praust (Vienna) * Indo-European Poetry, Ritual and Myth - Velizar Sadovski (Vienna) * The lengthened grade in Indo-European - Alexander Lubotsky (Leiden) & Tijmen Pronk (Zagreb)

-Indological Programme * Features of Vedic Poetry - Werner Knobl (Kyoto) * The Syntax of Vedic Prose - Werner Knobl (Kyoto) * Readings in Buddhist Sanskrit: Selected passages from the Mahāvastu - Vincent Tournier (Leiden) * Readings in the Purāṇas: manuscripts and critical editions - Peter Bisschop (Leiden)

- Iranian Programme * Arsacid Parthian - Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst (Berlin) * Inscriptional Middle Persian - Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst (Berlin) * Avestan - Karl Praust (Vienna) * Pashto - Lutz Rzehak (Berlin)

- Language Description Programme * Tone in African Languages - Constance Kutsch Lojenga (Leiden) * Field Methods - Christian Rapold (Leiden) * The Art of Writing a Grammar - Maarten Mous (Leiden) * Phonetic Theory and Field Phonetics - Martin Kohlberger (Leiden)

- Romance Languages Programme * From Latin to Romance: Diachronic and synchronic variation in Romance - Roberta D'Alessandro and Irene Franco (Leiden) * Historical Grammar of Latin - Michael Weiss (Cornell University) * Introduction to Vulgar Latin - Orsat Ligorio (Leiden) * Documenting and describing endangered Romance languages - Roberta D'Alessandro, Orsat Ligorio, Laura Migliori and Giuseppe Torcolacci (Leiden)

- Russian Programme * Masterclass Active Russian - Larissa Anissimova (Leiden) * Masterclass Russian Literature - Lena Lubotsky (Leiden)

- Semitic Programme * Introduction to Northwest Semitic Languages - Agustinus Gianto (Rome) * The Joy of Biblical Hebrew Poetry - Agustinus Gianto (Rome) * Introduction to Ancient North Arabian - Ahmad Al-Jallad (Leiden)

- A separate Tashelhiyt Berber Language Course is also available.

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics Language Documentation

Language Families: Germanic Indo-European Latin Subgroup Romance Semitic Slavic Subgroup

Registration: 13-Mar-2013 to 07-Jul-2013

Contact Person: Tina Janssen Email:

Apply on the web:

Registration Instructions:If you would like to apply for housing, please note that we must receive bothyour application and your payment by April 15th, 2013.

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