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Thu Apr 04 2013

Summer Schools: Music and the Origins of Language

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Date: 03-Apr-2013
From: Ellen Geerts <>
Subject: Music and the Origins of Language/ Cortona, Italy
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Music and the Origins of Language/ Cortona, Italy

Host Institution: Vrije Universiteit BrusselCoordinating Institution: Vrije Universiteit BrusselWebsite:

Dates: 15-Sep-2013 - 20-Sep-2013Location: Cortona, Tuscany, Italy

Focus: The school is intended for post-docs, lecturers, and pre-docs with abackground in computer science (artificial intelligence) or computationallinguistics (corpus linguistics or natural language processing) and a stronginterest in music and the origins of language. There will be backgroundlectures that introduce concepts from biology, anthropology, psychology,music theory and linguistics that are helpful to understand the nature ofcreativity, the role and intimate relations between language and music,and the mechanisms underlying cultural evolution.Minimum Education Level: MA

Description:The International Summer School on Agent-based Computational Models ofCreativity has a wide-ranging program of background lectures introducingconcepts from biology, anthropology, psychology, music theory and linguisticsthat are helpful to understand the nature of creativity, the role and intimaterelations between language and music, and the mechanisms underlying culturalevolution. It further contains technical lectures on the fundamentalcomputational components required for language processing as well as technicalateliers to learn how to set up evolutionary linguistics experiments.Participants have the opportunity to present their latest research in a postersession. Embedded in the school is an ERC workshop of the Flow Machinesproject on musical style and composition. The school also features artisticateliers in which participants create new creative works and engage inperformance.

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

Subject Languages: English

Tuition: 740.00 EUR

Financial Aid:The Summer School has a limited number of stipends available for participants.The stipend includes registration, accommodation and meals, and a contributionto travel costs.

Financial Aid Instructions:Participants who wish to apply for a stipend must have a degree in artificial intelligence,computer science or an acceptable equivalent. Applicants who have demonstrableexperience in (computational) linguistics and/or music will be prioritized.

Registration: 05-Apr-2013 to 15-May-2013

Contact Person: Ellen Geerts Phone: +32 2 629 37 00 Email:

Registration Instructions:Please include the following details in your application:- Name, current affiliation, and contact details.- A short CV (including a recent photo).- Additional background.- Your programming experience.- Which music instruments you play (if any).- Which training your received in linguistics or natural language processing(if any).- Which languages you speak.- Three of your publications most relevant for the Summer School.- For pre-docs: a recommendation letter.- (Optional) Abstract for a poster.

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