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Tue Apr 23 2013

All: Obituary: Ernesto D'Andrade

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Date: 19-Apr-2013
From: Marina Vigario <>
Subject: Obituary: Ernesto D'Andrade
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Last Wednesday Ernesto d’Andrade passed away.

The co-author of The Phonology of Portuguese (OUP) was one of theleading scholars of Portuguese phonology.

Many generations of students have never forgotten a singular teacher,who once questioned the role of mediators in knowledge transfer, asopposed to direct access to the source of information.

His provocative nature is acknowledged by all. Ernesto was fond ofbeing controversial. So much that this often seemed to be an end initself. Unsurprising items: his watch, whose pointers would moveanticlockwise; one of his major, useful works, the Dicionário Inverso‘Reverse Dictionary’ (Edicoes Cosmos).

We recall his look when he was engaged in a conversation: a cleverexpression, semi-closed eyes, stretched along the sides, half a smile,in a mouth framed by a moustache and face surrounded by a fairly longhair, the ensemble in beautiful shades of grey.

Marina Vigário

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